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Welcome to the RFC wiki!

How to contribute

The process to add or change an RFC is the following:

An RFC is created and modified by pull requests according to the Collective Code Construction Contract (C4).

The RFC life-cycle SHOULD follow the life-cycle defined in the Consensus-Oriented Specification System (COSS).

Quick start:

  • Check Work in Progress table and Issues to see if the RFC you want to work with is not in progress by someone else. If yes, please contact the assigned 'main contributor' and use his fork for your base,

  • Please create a related issue if it is not there,

  • Fork the project,

  • When an RFC doesn't exist yet, then:

    • Create a new specification by copying the entire X directory,
    • Launch an initial WIP pull request (WIP PR) to have an Editor assigned and,
    • use it for the public discussion within the PR comments.
  • When there is already a WIP PR:

    • Participate to the discussion and perhaps do a PR to the main contributor that has started the process.
  • When you want to propose a modification on an existing rfc:

    • Work as if it was the first case, but be polite and try to contact the contributor and the editor.
  • Please join us on Slack channel (if you do not have access, please contact Piotr or any other editor).

Useful links:

Meeting Minutes

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