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The official documentation for Tango controls
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Tango Controls Documentation

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This repository contains the official documentation of the Tango Controls project.

It uses Sphinx (a documentation framework based on Docutils) where contents are stored in reStructuredText files.

It is publicised in HTML, PDF and EPUB formats here. Some of the documents were not originally writen in Sphinx, but have been converted from other formats like HTML, LaTeX or Word. These may contain some residual bugs and syntax errors left after conversion. They will be consequently corrected when found.

How to contribute

If you want to help us improve it, you can find an overview of how this documentation is organised here. There is also a tutorial with documentation contribution workflow which you can find here.

You can also find the aforementioned files in this repository under source/development/contribution/documentation-guide.rst and source/tutorials-and-howtos/tutorials/documentation-workflow-tutorial.rst.

Documentation is as important as code - your help will be appreciated by the Tango Community!

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