A script that uploads an image to imgur and copies the image URL to the clipboard.
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Upload to Imgur.workflow/Contents


A collection of utilities to upload images to imgur and copy the URLs to the clipboard.

Upload to Imgur.workflow

Installing to OS X

  1. Double-click on the service to install it.
  2. If you want, create a hotkey for the upload service in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Services.


  1. Select the image(s) that you want to upload.
  2. If you've set up a hotkey for the service, push it, and you're done!
    Otherwise, click the application name in the menu bar (probably "Finder"), go to "Services", then click "Upload to Imgur".


A bash script for OS X and Linux that uploads an image to imgur and copies the image URL to the clipboard.

Usage: imgur <filename>

Imgur will print the URL, and put the delete page's URL on stderr. If you're on a Mac or have xsel/xclip, the image URL will also be copied to the clipboard.

Prerequisite: curl Optional: pbcopy (included in OS X), xsel, or xclip

Maintainer: Phil Tang <tangphillip@gmail.com>
Last Change: 2016 Jun 8, v3.1
License: MIT
Release Notes: v3.1: Supports multiple-image upload through the script. Also fixed a bug with xsel.
v3.0: Imgur API v3 support, and fixed a clipboard copy bug with the command-line tool
v2.1: Replaced Growl notifications with OS X's
v2.0: Much better error checking, and the OS X service has a new Growl alert for when the upload fails.
v1.6: Got a unique API key for these utilities.
v1.5: Added an OS X workflow for hotkeying the upload
v1.1: Added a flag to disable clipboard access
v1.0: Initial release
Credits: Bart Nagel <bart@tremby.net>
Federico Brigante <@bfred_it>