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Install Dependences

Install cmake, Boost, GMP and MPFR

brew install boost gmp mpfr

Install Eigen

  1. Download Eigen source code

wget http://bitbucket.org/eigen/eigen/get/3.2.2.tar.gz

  1. Un Zip it

tar xzvf 3.2.2.tar.gz

  1. Move the subdirectory Eigen/ to your /usr/local/include
cd eigen-eigen-*
mv Eigen /usr/local/include/

Install CGAL

You can just do:

brew install cgal


  1. Download CGAL source code

wget https://gforge.inria.fr/frs/download.php/file/34149/CGAL-4.5.tar.gz

  1. Un zip it

tar xzvf CGAL-4.5.tar.gz

  1. Compile
cd CGAL-4.5 # go to CGAL directory
cmake . # configure CGAL
make # build the CGAL libraries
  1. Install

make install

Compile xyz2mesh

cd LIDar-tools/xyz2mesh/
cgal_create_CMakeLists -s xyz2mesh 
cmake -DCGAL_DIR=/usr/local/include/CGAL . # Double check this!!


Usage: ./xyz2mesh file_in.xyz file_out.off [options]

PointCloud **simplification** options:
  -cell_size <float>          Size of the cell for the simplification (default=0.5)

PointCloud **outliers removal**:
  -rm_nb_neighbors <float>    Nearby Neighbors for Outliers Removal (default=24)
  -rm_percentage <float>      Percentage of outliers to remove (default=0)

PointCloud **normal estimation**:
  -nb_neighbors <float>       Nearby Neighbors for Normal Estimation (default=100)

Surface **poisson reconstruction**:
  -solver <string>            Linear solver name (default=)
  -sm_angle <float>           Min triangle angle (default=20 degrees)
  -sm_radius <float>          Max triangle size w.r.t. point set average spacing (default=100)
  -sm_distance <float>        Approximation error w.r.t. point set average spacing (default=0.25)
  -approx <float>             Approximation ratio (default=0.02)
  -ratio <float>              Average spacing ratio (default=5)