2D and 3D map renderer using OpenGL ES
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Tangram ES

Tangram ES is a C++ library for rendering 2D and 3D maps from vector data using OpenGL ES. It is a counterpart to Tangram that targets mobile and embedded devices.

This repository contains both the core rendering library and sample applications that use the library on Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi.


Platform Targets

For more information about building Tangram ES or using it in your project, see the individual platform pages below:

Platform Build status
Android CircleCI
iOS CircleCI
Mac OS X
Ubuntu Linux CircleCI
Raspberry Pi


For concept overviews and technical reference, see the Tangram Documentation.

You can also find us in the tangram-chat gitter chat room: https://gitter.im/tangrams/tangram-chat

Contributions Welcome

We gladly appreciate feedback, feature requests, and contributions. For information and instructions, see CONTRIBUTING.md.

Tangram ES is an open-source project sponsored by Mapzen.