Text editor web app for Tangram scenes
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Editor for Tangram scene files

Tangram Play is an interactive text editor for creating maps using Mapzen’s Tangram. With Play, you can write and edit map styles in YAML and preview the changes live in the web browser. Start with one of Mapzen’s base maps or create your own style!

Here is a clip of Patricio's live demo at JS.Geo (October 2015) (notes are here).


Learn more about using Tangram and Mapzen vector tiles in documentation.

Having a problem with Tangram Play? Do you have feedback to share? Contact Mapzen Support by emailing tangram@mapzen.com.

Tangram Play is still in active development and you can have a role in it! Add bugs or feature requests as an issue on the project’s GitHub repository.


We welcome contributions from the community. For more information how to run Tangram Play in your local environment and get started, please see CONTRIBUTING.md.

Query string API

  • lines=[number]/[number-number]: you highlight a line or a range of lines. Example lines=10-12.

  • scene=[url.yaml]: load a specific .yaml file using a valid url


  • Ctrl + [number]: Fold indentation level [number]
  • Alt + F: fold/unfold line
  • Alt + P: screenshot of the map

Sublime-like hotkeys

  • Ctrl + F: Search
  • Ctrl + D: Select next occurrence
  • Alt + ArrowKeys: move word by word
  • Shift + ArrowKeys: Select character by character
  • Shift + Alt + ArrowKeys: Select word by word