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A diary publish system.

What is ediary

From Wikipedia

A diary (also called journal) is a record (originally in handwritten format) with discrete entries arranged by date reporting on what has happened over the course of a day or other period.

This project named ediary is just for avoid name conflict with emacs's builtin package diary and also have the same meaning as diary.


  • Easy to use

Write a piece of text, call publish command, then this piece of text is appeared as a article in your website.

  • Easy to implement

Split to subprojects, use the right tool to do the right thing.

  • Easy to customize

Change the config file or tweak the templates even fork this project, this project is very easy to understand so don't afraid to change it.


  • Edit source file

Support formats: org

  • Export to ediary file

A json file adherence to specification: [Ediary File Specification][]

  • Generate web pages

Generate HTML/XML/CSS/JS/IMAGES files ready for publish

  • Publish web pages

Publish web pages to you site.

Such as git push to you github pages

Inspired by

Ediary File Specification

It just a json file with the following structure:

        "title": "The article's title",
        "slug": "Use to generate url if title is not appropriate, this's not REQUIRED",
        "timestamp": "2015-06-07 11:05:44",
        "tags": ["ediary", "example"],
        "body": "The article body with html format"
        "title": "More article following",
        "slug": "",
        "timestamp": "2015-06-07 11:05:44",
        "tags": ["ediary", "example"],
        "body": "The article body with html format"


A diary publish system



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