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Glassfish CDI/OSGi Integration

Glassfish CDI/OSGi Integration is in progress and currently, glassfish is reviewing my patch, and I believe that on 2013, some important features will be added into glassfish.

Note: the repo's sources has been too old, and I will spend some time to update them, and please waiting....

This is the contribution of Glassfish fighterfish/moudle/osgi-cdi project. Its licensed under CDDL+GPL Licenses by Oracle Glassfish community.

Design Documentation (Doing)


You'll need a machine with JDK 6 1.22 above + and Apache Maven 3 installed.


Run Build:

build glassfish trunk using

override souce files under main and fighterfish directories/subdirectories using revised/added source files.

cd main and fighterfish directories/subdirectories

mvn -DskipTests=true clean install




  • samples/[RFP146]CDI002 : simple use of @Publish
  • samples/[RFP146]CDI014 : combine @Publish with @Property
  • samples/[RFP146]CDI018 : simple use of Service
  • samples/[RFP146]CDI004 : combine Service with @ServiceFilter
  • samples/[RFP146]CDI021 : CDI/OSGi Event Integration

New Implemented Features

  • [GLASSFISH-18938] - OSGi service automatic publishing with @Publish-liking annotation
  • [GLASSFISH-18972] - making @Publish to support filter properties
  • [GLASSFISH-16805] - support @Inject @OSGiService Instance
  • [GLASSFISH-18978] - select OSGi services used in CDI beans based on OSGi filters

Resolved Bugs

  • [GLASSFISH-18370] - OSGi Services injected with CDI have their exceptions wrapped..

Doing List

  • [GLASSFISH-17155] - CDI Events don't work when fired by a OSGi ServiceListener.

To Do List (By Priority)

  • [High][GLASSFISH-15265] - Allow callbacks on service lifecycle events in @OSGiService.
  • [High][GLASSFISH-15365] - CDI + OSGi event admin.
  • [High][GLASSFISH-15364] - CDI + OSGi config admin.
  • [High][GLASSFISH-18748] - An OSGi Service cannot be injected into a Stateful EJB.
  • [High][GLASSFISH-18836] - Regression: An OSGi Service cannot be injected into a JAX-RS resource.
  • [Mid][GLASSFISH-18896] - Allow criteria to be configurable in OSGiService. (★★Need to discuss with sahoo to understand mean of the RFE)
  • [Low][GLASSFISH-18762] - @Named results in Ambiguous dependencies deployment failure in WAB.
  • [Low][GLASSFISH-15225] - CDI beans not accessible in web applications.
  • [Low][GLASSFISH-18514] - CDI does not get enabled on server start for a WAB bundle, the war has to be redeployed after the server starts for CDI to be enabled.

Issue Tracking

Glassfish Team Leaders


Tang Yong(