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A minimalist Sass boilerplate that provides helpful, browser-consistent styling for default HTML elements.
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Primitive UI License: MIT

A minimalist Sass boilerplate that provides helpful, browser-consistent styling for default HTML elements - buttons, forms, tables, lists, and typography.


Primitive was originally built by Tania Rascia to understand how a responsive CSS framework works from the inside-out, and how to use Sass, the CSS preprocessor.

Primitive makes it incredibly simple to set the foundation for a sustainable styling system. You get the freedom to design your site however you want, with a solid, easy-to-understand underlying framework.

Many websites have been built with Primitive, such as, Laconia, Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba!, Shaw's Crab House, Tokio Pub, Krispy Kreme Pacific Northwest, and more.

Getting Started

CSS quick start (easy)

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

It's all set to go and your HTML elements will be given sensible default styling.

Sass integration (recommended)

The beauty of Primitive is the ease with which you can create unique designs in a beautiful, simple system. Simply clone the repo:

git clone
cd primitive

And run a Sass watch on the project.

npm run sass

Now you can begin modifying variables in variables.scss. This file will define your colors, typography, sizes, breakpoints, buttons, borders, and more. Define all your variables here to keep your project organized.

You can view dist/test.html or templates/template.html to see some example elements as you make changes.


All documentation can be found at


  • Clean up comments
  • Add simple flex grid back in
  • Look into autoprefixing
  • Improve documentation


  • Dave Gamache for building Skeleton CSS, the original inspiration for building Primitive and understanding responsive CSS.


Please feel free to fork, comment, critique, or submit a pull request.



This project is open source and available under the MIT License.

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