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What is Fango?
Fango is a minified (<1000 sloc) one-file PHP MVC framework
implementing the observer pattern and the event driven programming.
It has full support for PDO DB, external templates and plugins.

What does Fango mean?
Fango is an Italian word which means "mud".

Why did you name a framework in such a stupid way?
Did you prefer another (boring) cool name? Ruby, groovy, symphony and so on?
Anyway, as a developer I like to put my hands in the mud and I'm not afraid to get dirty myself
if I need it... don't you?

Why should I use a one-file framework?
Actually... you shouldn't!

Perhaps you can use your time to sketch up your next
great idea instead of learnig how to use a complicate framework. Or perhaps using a
one-file framework is better than not using any framework at all. Or, simply,
you just don't need any additional functionality than those ones fango gives you.

How can I test the ExampleApp?
Create a virtual host to point to ExampleApp/public. Create a mysql db called fango.
Install the messages.sql inside the sql folder.