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What is Quickon

Quickon is a Fango plugin that allows you to have multiple configurations on per-host basis. You can manage database settings and dispatcher rules, but you can also store your own settings in case you need it.

Read the Wiki to get started.

How does it work

Simply put your plugin in the plugins/ directory. Pick the conf/ directory and place it at the same level of your application/ or public/. The configuration dir is already filled with some examples along with the default file. If there's no file inside the conf/ directory, Quickon will simply not run.

Change your app's index.php to include a new instance of Quickon, like this example:

$fango = new Fango(); $config = QuickonPlugin::init()->getConfig(); $fango->run($config["rules"]);

If you have a database, remove FangoDB::connect. Quickon will take care of this, too.

About the configuration files

Your configuration is stored in JSON, and you can find a sample configurations in the default and rules files that you'll find in the conf/ directory. Those two files hold the default configuration, such as dispatcher rules. Then you have host-specific configuration. Just duplicate default and rename it after your app's full hostname (e.g. and this file will take priority over the default settings and rules. As you might expect, you can have a host-specific set of dispatcher rules, or simply use the rules file to setup global rules. You can also use no rules at all and in this case you'll use the default Fango rules.

It's important to know that...

Since you're using JSON, notice that literal backslashes (\) and quotes need to be escaped.