small + sinatra + txt + yaml + markdown = quotes collection management x fun
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Walter is a small web app written in ruby and sinatra. The unique purpose is to manage a directory full of quotes and the informations that get along.

It is also like very inspired by toto's architecture.

The name is of course a tribue to Walter Benjamin and his obsession for quotes.

Mini-start in 10 seconds

$ sudo gem install walter
$ git clone git:// webquotes
$ cd webquotes
$ thin start -R

(configuring passenger is 10 more seconds)


  • quotes are stored as text file
    • bibliographical info should be like bibtex specs and formated in yaml
    • body can be formated with markdown (rdiscount)
  • templating is done with erb
  • URL are not in german just because of guiltiness

Some collectors


  • now

    • having fun
    • continue the CSS
    • multi-authors books
    • author view
    • display the year
    • put a proper permalink system
    • different levels of importance
  • über-ich

    • check english typographic rules
    • make it easy for multilingual stuffs
    • clean the code
  • far, far future

    • Search engine
    • Tags
    • Better bibtex rendering
    • Export formats