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Please make sure to backup your data before upgrading.

Change log

  • GUI Fixes

    • Add a separator in the setup screen for public configs and public signal configs
    • Config menu now displays a dropdown to choose between active config and other configs.
    • Move trading.signal_providers from to Setup page as it's currently too error prone
      • Setting trading.signal_providers in will give you a message telling you to go to setup page
    • GUI now uses coingecko instead of CMC for it's data because of API problems with CMC and you have to pay for the new CMC api version
  • Fixes

    • Add PDLOW strategy

    • Add LASTDCABUY strategy, Strategy that buys only if the ASK price is below the last DCA price. (Not to be confused with AVG price)

    • Add failsave when saving config to prevent configs to be overwritten by a different tradingfile config

    • Add checks for price rise trigger and price drop trigger if user defines them incorrectly

    • Move MAX BUY TIMES message higher in on the messages priority list

    • Do not clear DCABACKUP data if pair did not sell completely

    • Prevent manually selling a coin if it is blocked. Help prevent inaccurate sell log entries

    • Fix buy_value_limit logic. When a buy_value and buy_value_limit is set it now works as a range. Else putting a negative value and positive limit for example does not work as expected

      • So a value of -1 and limit of 2 or value of 3 and limit of 1 all will just check if the indicator value is within the specified range.
    • Fix BitMEX pending stop order preventing bot from booting.

    • Fix BitMEX profit display issues

    • Fix BitMEX fee calculation so profit we now see is always after fee

  • API changes

    • Add new API param, lastXDays to api/sales/log, api/buys/log, api/data so the API can return only last X days of sells or buys
  • Beta features

    • Advanced STATS has now STATS-AS (After Sale) / Tracks the price action for 24 hours after a coin has sold and only while the bot is running
    • Advances STATS should not be available for BASIC users

Update script changes

  • The pm2 update script has been updated with some extra options

Check the wiki for the full list of available features and settings


  • Operating system

    • Windows
    • Linux
    • MacOS
  • Browsers

    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Edge (Limited)
  • ProfitTrailer follows

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