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Please make sure to backup your data before upgrading.

Change log

  • GUI Fixes

    • Remove new config button from active config page
    • Fix formula not displaying RED color when strategy is false
    • Fix basic config deleting strategies and other data when saving
    • Fix newsfeed keeps bouncing even after being read
    • Fix BitMEX profit display for long XBTUSD positions
    • Add Korean translation back (shoutout to DrFReest)
      • Come claim your Reputation points
  • New

    • Allow Strategies A-Z
    • Add Max Profit to sales distribution graph
    • Add ATRPERCENTAGE indicator default is based on EMA, but can be changed to SMA too
    • Add LOWATRBAND and HIGHATRBAND indicators.
    • Add DEFAULT_trailing_stop_loss_strategy,formula,label and DCA equivalent
  • Fixes

    • Improve stats page load performance
    • Fix cooling down messages after BitMEX changed their rate limit logic
    • Do not try to sell a direct signal if balance is 0, as it creates short positions on BitMEX
    • Retry 5 times when a Binance order fails to retrieve order information
    • Fix missing and unknown dust problem on some machines
    • Removed ALL TL log lines as we got the Advanced STATS for that
    • Some small fixes
  • Advanced Stats

    • Fix STATS-AS to keep only records for 24 hours as described in the wiki
    • Implement STATS-DD (Displays the Peak, Bottom and Drawdown of your active pairs)

Check the wiki for the full list of available features and settings


  • Operating system

    • Windows
    • Linux
    • MacOS
  • Browsers

    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Edge (Limited)
  • ProfitTrailer follows

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