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PHP Database Migration Library helps you manage changes in your database schemas.
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PHP Database Migration

This is a database migration library for PHP/MySQL. It mimics the behaviour of Ruby-on-Rails's database migration.

A database migration script is generated with a unique identifier. This means any person in your team can create a script independently, and, later in time, you guys can sync your scripts (with a source control or whatever) and update your database's structure with a single command.

It supports:

  • Create database
  • Drop database
  • Migrate database to the latest point
  • Rollback one by one
  • Get a SQL for your current schemas

How to use it

  1. Open config.php and configure your MySQL stuffs.
  2. Create your database by php migrate.php create
  3. Generate a migration script by php migrate.php generate create_first_table
  4. Open your new migration script in the directiory migration and edit it. up() is for the migrating action, and down() is for the rollback action.
  5. Run migration with php migrate.php up
  6. Run php migrate.php dump in order to generate a SQL for your current schemas.
  7. Rollback the latest migration with php migrate.php down
  8. Drop the database with php migrate.php drop

You might need to find where your PHP's binary located.

Examples of migration scripts are in the directory migration_example.

How to use it through UI

  1. Let your Apache point to the root folder of this project somehow
  2. chmod 777 the directory migration and schema
  3. Open your browser and point to index.php

How to contribute

  1. Go to the test folder.
  2. Configure database's parameters for testing in the beginning of test.php
  3. Run all tests by php test.php

If all tests are passed, you may start your modification and submit me a pull request.


Tanin Na Nakorn


It is under Tanin's license, which means you can do whatever with it.

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