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A simple library to execute a queue of asynchronous and synchronous tasks.
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PyExecutors - A simple multi-threading task management library

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Are you great with multi-threading?

PyExecutors is a utility module which provides straight-forward, powerful functions for working with asynchronous python functions.

This runs an array of functions in series. You can program the functions to run synchronously or asynchronously in the order you desire.


pip install pyexecutors

Then, from a python interpreter

from pyexecutors.executors.Executors import SyncTasks, AsyncTasks, Executors

def execute_method(exec_thread_number):
    // your function

Executors() \
    .enqueue(AsyncTasks(execute_method, args=(1,))) \
    .enqueue(AsyncTasks(execute_method, args=(2,))) \
    .enqueue(SyncTasks(execute_method, args=(3,))) \
    .enqueue(AsyncTasks(execute_method, args=(4,))) \


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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