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  • Translate translation files (under /resources/lang) or lang.json files
  • Provide extra facade functions Str::apiTranslate and Str::apiTranslateWithAttributes

by using stichoza/google-translate-php or Google Translate API or Yandex Translatin API

Str facade api-translation helpers

This package provides two translation methods for Laravel helper Str

  • Illuminate\Support\Str::apiTranslate -> Translates texts using your selected api in config
  • Illuminate\Support\Str::apiTranslateWithAttributes -> Again translates texts using your selected api in config in addition to that this function respects Laravel translation text attributes like :name

how to use your own translation api

  • Create your own translation api class by implementing Tanmuhittin\LaravelGoogleTranslate\Contracts\ApiTranslatorContract
  • Write your classname in config laravel_google_translate.custom_api_translator . Example : Myclass::class
  • Write your custom apikey for your custom class in laravel_google_translate.custom_api_translator_key

Now all translations will use your custom api.


composer require tanmuhittin/laravel-google-translate
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Tanmuhittin\LaravelGoogleTranslate\LaravelGoogleTranslateServiceProvider"

If you would like to use stichoza/google-translate-php you do not need an API key. If you would like to use Google Translate API, edit config/laravel_google_translate.php and add your Google Translate API key.

php artisan config:cache

Then you can run

php artisan translate:files

See it on action:


potential issues

SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

suggested packages

This package can be used with



Thank you for using laravel-google-translate :)

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