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Translate translation files to other languages using google translate api
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Translate translation files (under /resources/lang) or lang.json files from specified base locale to other languages using stichoza/google-translate-php or Google Translate API


composer require tanmuhittin/laravel-google-translate --dev
php artisan vendor:publish --provider=Tanmuhittin\LaravelGoogleTranslate\LaravelGoogleTranslateServiceProvider

If you would like to use stichoza/google-translate-php you do not need an API key. If you would like to use Google Translate API, edit config/laravel_google_translate.php and add your Google Translate API key.

php artisan config:cache

Then you can run

php artisan translate:files

See it on action:


potential issues

SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

suggested packages

This package can be used with



  • Handle vendor translations too
  • Prepare Web Interface
  • Add other translation API support (Bing, Yandex...)


Thank you for using laravel-google-translate :)

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