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Commits on Mar 3, 2015
  1. Separate update patcher app: complete work

    If others could help test this, I'd greatly appreciate the help.
    Basically I need people to download a nightly build, wait a day or two,
    then run PD and make sure nothing goes horribly wrong.
    I've tested this new update implementation across all my PCs, but there
    are a ton of variables involved, and I'll feel more comfortable if
    others can have a go at it.
  2. Separate Update Patcher app: start work

    It would have been great if PD could handle all patching itself, but
    this approach - while cumbersome - does carry some nice extra benefits.
    In particular, this will make it easier to roll back any update errors,
    and in the future we could also set up a system to automatically restore
    the last stable build if PD fails to load (for example).
    Right now, this is just a basic framework for the support app, and a few
    changes to PD itself to start migrating update features into the
    separate update app.
Commits on Mar 1, 2015
  1. Tools > Options dialog: convert to PD label

    Except for the buttons on left and bottom, this dialog (the most complex
    one in PD) is now 100% Unicode-compatible.  It looks pretty awesome in
    my test CJK language files, too!
    The jcButtons on left will disappear soon, and the command buttons on
    bottom are just waiting for a proper pdButton replacement (which is
    hopefully coming sooner rather than later...)
  2. Language file generator: fix parsing of complex tooltips

    GitHub for Windows refuses to show line-by-line changes for this commit,
    so I hope I haven't missed anything.  I'll double-check manually after
    committing this.
Commits on Feb 28, 2015
  1. Tools> Options dialog: convert all combo boxes to pdComboBox

    This is by far the densest collection of combo boxes anywhere in the
    project, so I'm quite happy that everything worked on the first try.
    (As a nice bonus, the .exe size also decreases every time we switch to
    our own controls - yay!)
  2. IIR-based Gaussian blur: add math for converting between radius and s…

    This should allow it to duplicate PD's true Gaussian Blur function
    almost exactly.
  3. Update language files from Frank

    French and Dutch languages are now ready for release!  Other files have
    been updated to reflect slightly adjusted text in the resize dialog.
  4. pdFFT: Fast Fourier Transform class

    Another low-risk commit.  I've written two pure-VB FFTs this release
    cycle.  One uses standard cos/sin, and a second one estimates using
    sqr().  The estimation method is 10-15% faster by my testing, so not a
    huge difference.
    The class isn't particularly fast.  8 mb of data can be forward
    transformed, than transformed back, in about 2.5 seconds on my old ~2010
    desktop.  This is usable on image data, but because we have to transform
    the image 4x (horizontal + vertical forward, then horizontal + vertical
    inverse), we're looking at a minimum of 10 seconds on a typical digital
    photo - and because most FFT operations require a transformed kernel as
    well, 20 seconds.  Pretty slow.
    PD doesn't actually make use of this class yet, but I'm uploading it in
    case someone smarter than I has ideas for improving it.
Commits on Feb 27, 2015
  1. Resize UC: fully convert to PD-specific controls

    Lots going on here, but basically, this control is now ready for
    theming.  A number of layout and translation bits have been greatly
    simplified thanks to the new controls.
  2. pdButtonToolbox: new properties to better support odd drawing require…

    In the Resize UC, the "lock aspect ratio" button doesn't need to reflect
    a "down" state, as the button icon itself takes care of that.
    pdButtonToolbox needed some better-defined properties to handle things
    like different up/down images.
Commits on Feb 26, 2015
  1. Plug in missing menu icons

    Overhauling menu icons is such a massive task, and I don't have it in me
    to do it before 6.6's release.  So there's going to be a weird interim
    where the primary interface has gone flat, while menus retain the old
    look, but oh well.
    6.8 will continue the long, ugly road toward icon unification and true
    high-DPI support.
  2. Update translations against new Update Notification text

    It's not very often that PD *reduces* translation count, but wiping out
    the old update notification form helped here.
    Also, I snuck a few code changes in to prevent the addition of unwanted
    text to the master en-US file.
  3. Finish overhauling update notifications

    - The old update notification form is gone.  Yay!
    - The new update notification form now links a release announcement URL
    (or PD's commit log, if on the nightly build track)
    - Manually requested update checks work again
    - Old update check code has been purged
    - The central update checker now returns a boolean for whether an update
    is available; this is helpful when dealing with manual update checks
    - Automatic restarts are now disabled in the IDE, as they don't work
  4. New pdHyperlink UC

    pdLabel is designed to be as lightweight as possible, so it does not
    provide any input handling or events.
    pdHyperlink is a slightly heavier replacement that shells a URL
    property.  Right now, that's all it does; perhaps in the future I'll
    extend it to raise a "click" event, as well.
  5. Translation support tool: detect bare "Caption =" assignments

    Because pdLabel manages its own translations, we don't need to wrap
    caption assignments in g_Language.TranslateMessage() anymore.  pdLabel
    will take care of that for us.  The translation support tool now adds
    Caption = assignments to the translation list, which turned up a few
    other obscure places I had missed in the past.
  6. IIR Gaussian prototype: fix edge issues and minor optimizations

    Right on, this filter is now capable of constant-time filtering
    regardless of blur distance!
Commits on Feb 25, 2015
  1. Prototype IIR Gaussian Blur implementation

    So much of 6.6's release has been about UI stuff, so a ton of prototyped
    imaging code has built up in my personal collection.  This commit is a
    low-risk addition I'd like to explore in the coming weeks, so I'm
    committing my first working prototype now.
    There are many ways to approximate a Gaussian function, and Infinite
    Impulse Response (IIR) is one of the better ones.  It provides
    controllable quality, support for fractional sigma (radii), and is even
    capable of an in-place transform, so a second copy of the image isn't
    Memory requirements can be quite high since it requires floating-point
    inputs, but I have ideas for working around that.  In the meantime, this
    current brute-force implementation is still much faster than PD's
    current methods, and it has the added benefit of approximating a true
    Gaussian much more closely at small radii than an iterative box-blur.
    GIMP offers an IIR version of their Gaussian Blur, and it slightly beats
    PD's existing offerings
    so it would be nice to regain the lead in this area.
    I still need to sort out some boundary handling issues, and alpha isn't
    currently handled, but since I intend for this to replace's PD's current
    "medium quality" blur offering, now seemed like a good time to get a
    working version committed.
  2. Display update notification after download is complete

    There's one translation issue left to fix on the notification dialog,
    but otherwise, automatic updates should be working pretty darn well as
    of this commit.
  3. Image tabstrip context menu: fix remaining enable/disable behavior

    Wherever possible, I've tried to tie this to existing menus (as
    syncInterfaceToImage applies a lot of heuristics for some menus).  The
    lone exception is Open in Explorer, but that's easily handled by
    checking to see if the image exists on-disk.
Commits on Feb 24, 2015
  1. PNG files: do not write a bKGD chunk if the original file did not con…

    …tain one
    A typo prevented this from actually happening, and a background color of
    0 was inadvertently being added to all PNG files - oops.
  2. Image tabstrip: apply translations to context menu

    Also, the form is now set up to theme properly.
  3. ExifTool: retrieve unknown codepage text via Base-64

    As far as I can tell, if ExifTool can't determine a codepage for a given
    piece of text (e.g. it's not UTF-8, but not ASCII either, and no obvious
    identifier is present), it will simply dump the raw binary data into the
    XML output in Base-64 format.  This is fairly common with IPTC tags, as
    sloppy encoders don't make use of the (very simple!) codepage identifier
    PD now retrieves such Base-64 text and stores it.  It also attempts to
    generate a value using basic text heuristics.  If no well-formed
    character set is identified (UTF-8, 16, etc), a fallback conversion will
    be performed using the current system codepage.  This should provide
    "good enough" results for most users, and perhaps at the future I can
    look at providing more control over the character set conversion for
    text with unknown encodings.
  4. ExifTool: enable UTF-8 pipe writing

    This is separate from UTF-8 embedding (which actually relies on a
    separate UTF-8 metadata file), but we'll need to pipe UTF-8 filenames in
    the future, so I may as well fix this while I'm thinking of it.
  5. ExifTool: enable UTF-8 metadata embedding

    Existing non-ASCII metadata is now preserved properly when saving an
    image.  As an added bonus, when we finally add metadata editing to PD,
    it will automatically support Unicode from the get-go.
  6. pdUnicode: add base64 decoding support

    Crypto APIs make this much simpler than it would otherwise be
  7. ExifTool: enable UTF-8 data retrieval

    I *think* this is mostly working, which is awesome, as we can now
    retrieve Unicode image metadata, and non-standard characters like ©!  (A
    few test images here, for future reference:
    Some work is still required to deal with nasty files that don't provide
    encoding (argh).  ExifTool is unpredictable with its return values; some
    strings get automatically converted to UTF-8, probably if they pass some
    internal heuristic, while others are sent as raw base64 data.  We should
    (theoretically) be able to retrieve and process base64 data if it
    appears to be a string, but I haven't implemented this just yet.
Commits on Feb 23, 2015
  1. Split pieces of pdFSO into their own class (pdUnicode)

    UTF-8 interactions over pipes will require the same encoding heuristics
    used by pdFSO, so rather than duplicate the code (or use an FSO instance
    for something that's not file-related), I think it makes sense to split
    out some Unicode bits into their own class.
  2. Update language files to reflect new translation fixes

    This also includes a minor update to the master language generator, to
    fix an issue detecting some varieties of tooltip assignments.
  3. Button strip UC: auto-shrink individual buttons to fit long translations

    I think this is a pretty good solution, all things considered.
    - Each button caption is now tested for fit
    - Word-wrap is used, if available (if the caption is multiple words).
    Otherwise, font-shrinking is activated.
    - Shrunk font sizes are cached at resize time, so we don't have to do it
    during rendering.
    - A secondary font object is used to render text that must be shrunk.
    This avoids the need for recreating the primary font object.
    - The secondary font objects is only recreated as necessary, which is
    advisable as typically there's only one problematic button.  Multiple
    problematic buttons work just fine, but the "shrunken font" class will
    necessarily be recreated for each problematic button (if their font
    sizes differ).
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