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Drawphone was built with Node.js, jQuery and Pug. It was one of my first coding projects, so the code is a bit of a mess... 😂

Issues, feature requests, and pull requests welcome!



  1. Clone the repo to get started
  2. Fork and create any pull requests against the dev branch
  3. (If needed) Install node-canvas dependencies: Drawphone uses node-canvas; on some OSes/processors, npm may attempt to compile/install it from source. See the node-canvas README for details.
  4. Run npm install, then npm start to launch the server
  5. Go to localhost:3000 in your browser


  • To change the default port, set the PORT environment variable
  • If you set the NODE_ENV environment variable to development, you can use the link localhost:3000/dev to automatically join game ffff. This is helpful for speeding up debugging.