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If you have questions about implementation details, help or support, then please use our dedicated community forum at PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to instead open an issue for your question, your issue will be immediately closed and redirected to the forum.

Reporting Issues

If you have found what you think is a bug, please file an issue. PLEASE NOTE: Issues that are identified as implementation questions or non-issues will be immediately closed and redirected to

Suggesting new features

If you are here to suggest a feature, first create an issue if it does not already exist. From there, we will discuss use-cases for the feature and then finally discuss how it could be implemented.


If you have been assigned to fix an issue or develop a new feature, please follow these steps to get started:

  • Fork this repository
  • Install dependencies by running $ yarn
  • Link react-table locally by running $ yarn link
  • Auto-build files as you edit by running $ yarn start
  • Implement your changes and tests to files in the src/ directory and corresponding test files
  • To run examples, follow their individual directions. Usually this is just $ yarn && yarn start.
  • To run examples using your local build, link to the local react-table by running $ yarn link react-table from the example's directory
  • Document your changes in the root
  • To stage a commit, run yarn commit
  • Submit PR for review
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