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Welcome to the wiki home of Menzies.

Menzies is a distributed data store for geographic data. More specifically, it implements portions of OpenStreetMap ‘s 0.6 API . Menzies leverages Thrift’s existing RPC technology, Python and BerkeleyDB. It has been design to scale from a single computer to a few computers or more. However, it is not designed to run autonomously on hundreds of machines. We see it as the next step up from a single computer that is available to a donation funded organization such as OpenStreetMap.

This was done by Scott Shawcroft (tannewt) and Jason Kivlighn (jakin). Throughout the last few months we’ve had the support of Andy Schwerin.

Although not explicitly stated in the source, we’ll license the code under GNU’s General Public License v. 2 . Please contact one of us if more official licensing (source documented) is needed.

Our code

More formal docs can be found here:

Project Recap

Project Proposal

Project Presentation