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Framework for managing your fish shell configuration inspired by Oh My ZSH.
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A handful of functions, auto-complete helpers, and stuff that makes you shout…



oh-my-fish should work with any recent release of fish

The automatic installer… (do you trust me?)

You can install this via the command line with either `curl` or `wget`.

via `curl`

curl -L | sh

via `wget`

wget --no-check-certificate -O - | sh

The manual way

1. Clone the repository

git clone git:// ~/.oh-my-fish

2. Create a new fish config by copying the fish template we’ve provided.

NOTE: If you already have a ~/.config/fish/ file, you should back it up: cp ~/.config/fish/config.{fish,orig} in case you want to go back to your original settings.

cp ~/.oh-my-fish/templates/ ~/.config/fish/

3. Set fish as your default shell:

chsh -s /usr/local/bin/fish

4. Start / restart fish (open a new terminal is easy enough…)


  • enable the plugins you want in your ~/.config/fish/ (take a look at plugins/ to see what’s possible)
    • example: set FISH_PLUGINS autojump git
  • Theme support: Change the FISH_THEME environment variable in ~/.config/fish/


If you want to override any of the default behavior, just add a new file (ending in .fish) into the custom/ directory.
If you have many functions which go well together you can put them as a *.fish file in the custom/plugins/ directory and then enable this plugin.
If you would like to override the functionality of a plugin distributed with oh-my-fish, create a plugin of the same name in the custom/plugins/ directory and it will be loaded instead of the one in plugins/.


If you want to uninstall it, just remove the installation folder rm -r ~/.oh-my-fish from the command line and restore your previous fish config file.

Help out!

I’m far from being a fish-expert and suspect there are many ways to improve. If you have ideas on how to make the configuration easier to maintain (and faster), don’t hesitate to fork and send pull requests!

Send us your theme!

I’m hoping to collect a bunch of themes for our command prompts. You can see existing ones in the themes/ directory.


This project is heavily inspired (cloned) on oh-my-zsh

Thank you so much!

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