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Makes a ActiveRecord model behave as a setting based on key and value pairs
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== Overview

This plugin provides a simple extension to any ActiveRecord class to implement
a simple key/value settings interface.

It supports a YAML file containing a
definition of all the settings and their format/default values that will be
used in case a requested setting is not found within the database.

This plugin can for instance be used if you have an application that have a set
of application wide settings that you want to allow the application
administrator to change within a running application.

Note that this is still a work in progress, there are no working unit tests and
the code is generally not sufficiently tested for production use.

== How does it work

The plugin works by trying to look up the setting key using the find_by_key
method in the ActiveRecord model its included in. If no record can be found, it
will check the YAML config file ("config/settings.yml") to see if the settings
key exist there, and if it does, provide the default setup for that setting
as the result.

When updating a setting value, the value will automaticly be stored to the db so
that future lookups will provide the value from the db instead of the YAML file.

== Installation

* Install the plugin within your rails application

  ./script/plugin install acts_as_setting

* Create a model and db migration for the settings table

  ./script/generate setting Setting
  rake db:migrate

* Alternatively you can use any existing class as your settings class by adding
  the following to your model. Note that the model must have an existing "key"
  and "value" property, these field names are not configurable.


== Configuration

The first thing you need to do is to create a "settings.yaml" file within your
applications config/ directory. Here you have to add the setting keys you want
your application to have. An example settings.yaml can for instance be:

    default: "en"
    format: "string"
    required: true

    default: "My Application"
    format: "string"
    required: true

    default: ""
    format: "string"
    required: false

    default: ""
    format: "email"
    required: true

The default values for a setting are:
  format: "string"
  required: "false"
  default: nil

Unless explicitly specified for a setting key, the above values will be used.

== Example

* To look up a setting value:


* To write a new setting value:

  Setting.language = "fr"

== License

This plugin is released under the MIT license.

== Author

Trond Arve Nordheim, <>

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