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BayesTME: A reference-free Bayesian method for analyzing spatial transcriptomics data


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BayesTME: A unified statistical framework for spatial transcriptomics

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This package implements BayesTME, a fully Bayesian method for analyzing ST data without needing single-cell RNA-seq (scRNA) reference data.



If you use this code, please cite the preprint:

BayesTME: A unified statistical framework for spatial transcriptomics
H. Zhang, M. V. Hunter, J. Chou, J. F. Quinn, M. Zhou, R. White, and W. Tansey
bioRxiv 2022.07.08.499377.

Bibtex citation:

@article {Zhang2022.07.08.499377,
	author = {Zhang, Haoran and Hunter, Miranda V and Chou, Jacqueline and Quinn, Jeffrey F and Zhou, Mingyuan and White, Richard and Tansey, Wesley},
	title = {{BayesTME}: {A} unified statistical framework for spatial transcriptomics},
	year = {2022},
	doi = {10.1101/2022.07.08.499377},
	journal = {bioRxiv}

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