A calendar to help people systematically read through a large number of archivist and academic librarian journals
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A calendar to help people systematically read through a large number of archivist and academic librarian journals.

Why a calendar for tracking journals?

The short answer is because I (Eira) needed a decent way to make sure I was at least regularly skimming much of the LIS literature pertaining to my professional work as an archivist working in an academic research library.

The long answer is because by my estimates, there are at least 14 archival journals published in Canada/UK/United States I want to follow on a regular basis. I also want to be somewhat conversant with more of the literature being published in general academic library-land. That adds on another several dozen journals.

Is there an easier to use version of this calendar?

There is a Google calendar here: http://goo.gl/iDa3kO This is what I (Eira) use on a regular basis to guide my reading

Why is there nothing in the third week?

The third week of every month is deliberately kept open as a Grab Bag week, or to finally read through that obnoxious Instapaper/saved Tweets/open tabs count.

What journals are on the calendar?

Check the calendar spreadsheet and/or the publishing schedule spreadsheet.

What is the difference between the two spreadsheets?

The calendar spreadsheet tells you when to read something, the publishing schedule gives you a list of all the journals on the calendar, their publication schedule, and how often they actually appear on the calendar (not all journals are scheduled on the calendar as frequently as they are published). #You should add $_journal to your calendar. Cool, send it to me if it seems like there's room on the spreadsheet and I'll consider adding it.

What you should know before using this calendar?

This calendar is used primarily to support my own research and subject interests. I've added a lot of journals to the calendar that are not necessarily high-quality, open access, or even that interesting. Frankly, some of them are almost disturbingly mediocre. My philosophy has been to add as much as I can find now, and remove titles later if I'm finding the signal to noise ratio isn't working for me. So be advised that this calendar is subject to change at any point based on my own needs. I will update the documentation in GitHub whenever major changes take place on the Google calendar side.

If you love the current format and would be heartbroken if I removed a title or changed things around, I suggest you download the ICS file, open it up in a text editor, and noodle around with it to make sure you've created your own version. You can also do this if you aren't interested in some of the titles and want to swap them out for your own.

Can I share/remix/adapt this?

Yes, with certain strings attached. Please do not commercialize this in any way (i mean, come on). You are welcome to remix this and put up a similar calendar or documentation, but I'd appreciate attribution.

What journals have you added to or removed from the calendar?

Check out the changes_journal.md file, or feel free to look at the file history