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The original project is ancient (2011/2013) and dated. It is now coming back with a facelift, collaborative editing and offline support, powered by

We're in the channel of


The re-write currently requires bleeding edge builds of cr-sqlite and refers to packages provided by that project as local dependencies.

# Clone the repo + submodules
git clone --recurse-submodules
cd strut
# Install npm packages
pnpm install
# Build submodule repositories
pnpm turbo run build --force
# Start the dev server
pnpm dev

Readme from 2013:



A GUI / Authoring Tool for ImpressJS and Bespoke.js

Don't know what ImpressJS is? Check out the ImpressJS demo presentation:

Start using Strut!

(works in Firefox, Chrome and Safari with basic support for IE10)

Learn a bit about Strut