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Enhanced keyboard control in overview mode: Select and zoom windows with arrow keys, move windows to workspaces with function keys (Fn > workspace n), close windows with delete key and switch workspace with PgUp, PgDown, Pos1 and End.
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This extension allows you to select windows in overview mode with the arrow 
keys of your keyboard. When you are in overview mode, the most recently focused 
window will be selected and highlighted. As soon as you have navigated to the 
desired window you can press ENTER for activating the window or DELETE for 
closing it. Pressing F1-F10 will move the window to the corresponding workspace. 
Mouse events and other key events will terminate the selection process.

In addition to that you can use PG_UP and PG_Down keys for switching workspaces.
HOME switches to the first workspace and END to the last one.
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