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Random Quotes generator API
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Random Quotes generator Machine / API

This is a Random Quoutes Generator API, Developed in Node.js. I am maintaining a json file named quotes.db which is working like a database to get the Random Quote.

How to Use?

  • To Get Random Quote : Send Get Request to :
  • To Get All Authors : Send Get Request to :
  • To Get Quotes of Specific Author :
  • To Get All Categories : Send Get Request to :
  • To Get Quote of Specific Category :

How to Contribute ?

  • Fork the Repo / Download the Repo

If you want to contribute to the Node.js part then

  • You need to have latest Node.js in your System Download
  • After that just Open the folder and write this.
node index.js

it will be live on http://localhost:3000

If you want to Add Quotes

Than just Add the New quote in json format at the end of quotes.db

    "quote": "Be as you wish to seem.",
    "author": "Socrates"

Thank you.

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