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Summarizing Text on Any Aspects

This repo contains preliminary code of the following paper:

Summarizing Text on Any Aspects: A Knowledge-Informed Weakly-Supervised Approach
Bowen Tan, Lianhui Qin, Eric P. Xing, Zhiting Hu
EMNLP 2020
[ArXiv] [Slides]

Getting Started

  • Given a document and a target aspect (e.g., a topic of interest), aspect-based abstractive summarization attempts to generate a summary with respect to the aspect.
  • In this work, we study summarizing on arbitrary aspects relevant to the document.
  • Due to the lack of supervision data, we develop a new weak supervision construction method integrating rich external knowledge sources such as ConceptNet and Wikipedia.


Our python version is 3.8, required packages can be installed by

pip install -r requrements.txt

Our code can run on a single GTX 1080Ti GPU.

Datasets & Knowledge Sources

Weakly Supervised Dataset

Our constructed weakly supervised dataset can be downloaded by

bash data_utils/

Downloaded data will be saved into data/weaksup/.

We also provide the code to construct it. For more details, see

MA-News Dataset

MA-News Dataset is a aspect summarization dataset constructed by (Frermann et al.) . Its aspects are restricted to only 6 coarsegrained topics. We use MA-News dataset for our automatic evaluation. Scripts to make MA-News is here.

A JSON version processed by us can be download by

bash data_utils/

Downloaded data will be saved into data/manews/.

Knowledge Graph - ConceptNet

ConceptNet is a huge multilingual commonsense knowledge graph. We extract an English subset that can be downloaded by

bash data_utils/

Knowledge Base - Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an encyclopaedic knowledge base. We use its python API to access it online, so make sure your web connection is good when running our code.

Weakly Supervised Model


Run this command to finetune a weakly supervised model from pretrained BART model (Lewis et al.).

python --dataset_name weaksup --train_docs 100000 --n_epochs 1

Training logs and checkpoints will be saved into logs/weaksup/docs100000/

The training takes ~48h on a single GTX 1080Ti GPU. You may want to directly download the training log and the trained model here.


Run this command to generate on MA-News test set with the weakly supervised model.

python --log_path logs/weaksup/docs100000/

Source texts, target texts, generated texts will be saved as test.source,, and test.hypo respectively, into the log dir: logs/weaksup/docs100000/.


To run evaluation, make sure you have installed java and files2rouge on your device.

First, download stanford nlp by

python data_utils/

and run

bash logs/weaksup/docs100000/

to get rouge scores. Results will be saved in logs/weaksup/docs100000/rouge_scores.txt.

Finetune with MA-News Training Data


Run this command to finetune a BART model with 1K MA-News training data examples.

python --dataset_name manews --train_docs 1000 --wiki_sup False
python --log_path logs/manews/docs1000/ --wiki_sup False
bash logs/manews/docs1000/

Results will be saved in logs/manews/docs1000/.

+ Weak Supervision

Run this command to finetune with 1K MA-News training data examples starting with our weakly supervised model.

python --dataset_name manews --train_docs 1000 --pretrained_ckpt logs/weaksup/docs100000/best_model.ckpt
python --log_path logs/manews_plus/docs1000/
bash logs/manews_plus/docs1000/

Results will be saved in logs/manews_plus/docs1000/.


Results on MA-News dataset are as below (same setting as paper Table 2).

All the detailed logs, including training log, generated texts, and rouge scores, are available here.

(Note: The result numbers may be slightly different from those in the paper due to slightly different implementation details and random seeds, while the improvements over comparison methods are consistent.)

Weak-Sup Only 28.41 10.18 25.34
MA-News-Sup 1K 24.34 8.62 22.40
MA-News-Sup 1K + Weak-Sup 34.10 14.64 31.45
MA-News-Sup 3K 26.38 10.09 24.37
MA-News-Sup 3K + Weak-Sup 37.40 16.87 34.51
MA-News-Sup 10K 38.71 18.02 35.78
MA-News-Sup 10K + Weak-Sup 39.92 18.87 36.98


We provide a demo on a real news on Feb. 2021. (see demo_input.json).

To run the demo, download our trained model here, and run the command below

python --ckpt_path logs/weaksup/docs100000/best_model.ckpt


EMNLP 2020 - Summarizing Text on Any Aspects






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