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TEO (TrustETHreOrigin) Contents blockchain paper and materials
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If you want to read project history from TOP-down , first refer

Latest News on TAO FORUM []

Community instant chat on telegram []

Great NEWS [2019/05/24] , TEO Listed on STEX.COM Exchange.

You can trade TEO in STEX

Great NEWS [2019/05/19] , TEO Listed on GRAVIEX.NET Exchange

You can trade TEO in GRAVIEX

Great NEWS , TEO Listed on P2P Exchange.

refer here.

TEO - Bisq P2P Exchange trade user manual

Following pdf document will explain , how to trade it.


Before trade, you can learn create wallet , how to send , how to receive, with .

it is described well in TAO Korea Official forum :

TEO (Trust ETH re Origin) Blockchain

TEO (Proof of Work) blockchain is part of TAO Architectures.

TAO (Trust Astro Object) '도' '道' '到'

is huge blockchain architecture and co-operating the heterogeneous behavior of several blockchains.
all object in universe

  • it has its own philosophy
  • reason of existence
  • its own way of doing
  • its own lifecycle

All each blockchain have a their own properties , their own roles , strong points of functionalities, and lifecycle.

Forum :: Latest Bounty and Discussion information

You can more updated information and disscussion freely on TAO Forum ::
Please Join TAO Forum and share you opinions.

We are ready to welcome and enough bounty programs for contributors.

TAO Archicture aim to be a space to platform for each other blockchain's connections and co-operations, finally it will more good for solve scalablity issues of blockchain.

TEO is beginning of this TAO Architecture - TAO.Foundation

1) TEO Mainnet Updates.

TEO Has On Live 00:12:25 +0900 AM 1st Nov, 2018. You can check 1st Block in Explorer

2) ETH/ETC Airdrop Snapshot Finished.

  • ETH 6660000 Block height Snapshot has finished. You Can Snapshot file down and check text search

  • ETC 6880000 Block height Snapshot has finished. You Can Snapshot file down and check text search

  • Conversion Rate and min-Max Boundaries

    0.05 ETH <= ETH Balance <= 2000 ETH 1 ETC <= ETC Balance <= 66666 ETC

    ETH Ratio (similar in ETC)

    • 0 ~ 10 : 0.5x => 5 TEO Max.
    • 10 ~ 100 : 0.4x => 5TEO + 36TEO = 41 TEO Max.
    • 100 ~ 1000 : 0.3x => 5TEO + 36TEO + 270TEO = 311 TEO Max.
    • 1000 ~ 2000 : 0.2x => 5TEO + 36TEO + 270TEO + 200TEO = 511 TEO Max.
    • 2000 ~ : 0x => No Airdrop.

    ETC Ratio

    • 1 ~ 333 0.015x => 4.995 MAX : 4.995 MAX
    • 333 ~ 3333 0.012x => 4.995 + 36 : 40.995 MAX
    • 3333 ~ 33333 0.009x => 4.995 + 36 + 270 : 310.995 MAX
    • 33333 ~ 66666 0.006x => 4.995 + 36 + 270 + 199.998 : 510.993 MAX
    • 66666 0 0

How to Check and Verify

directory, you can download converted files in zip. file format is looks like this::

     	"4fe9367ef5dad459ae9cc4265c69b1b10a4e1288": { "balance" : "1034f1e2d8eb400", "dec" : "0.07298901" , "orgdecbal": "0.14597802" },
	"c7337c0caded305251ee2b1a4358025b0d95d952": { "balance" : "6f05b6577ed7400", "dec" : "0.50000005" , "orgdecbal": "1.0000001" },

above 4fe9367ef5dad459ae9cc4265c69b1b10a4e1288 account have a orgdecbal : 0.1459.. is original ETH balance, and that is converted TEO Airdrop value is dec : 0.0729.. , balance : 1034f... for hex value same as dec.

You can download converting scripts file in same folder, and do change and test it as your own ratio. .js and .bat

Snapshot and Converted Total Accounts and Airdrop Funds.

- ETH : Total Account : 3_382_839 , TEO : 8_770_022.271718781925032
- ETC : Total Account : 195_832 , TEO : 347_924.937234909552956473

In case of exchange who listing TEO , We will negotiate same calculation on their customer funds and bounty for funds for customer airdrop.

3) TEO Has Adapted TETHashV1 (Anti-ETH Asic) Algorithms.

TETHashV1 algorithm is most parts based on ETHASH. EIP-1485 PR on Ethereum EIP Proposal. You can refer another story in here tao forum

On This time, PoW algorithm change to newer one, it needs crypto analysis and long time verification time and optimization time. it's not suitable for prevent ASIC , so late!

However, in case of TEthashV1 (Trust Ethash Version1) has most of things are based on ethash, which is verified several years. In Ethash MIX FNV part uses deprecated implementation (FNV-0) hash algorithm , So, if this is changed then more strong PoW algorithm based on ETHASH.

Clearly, make obsolete the current ASIC miners too.

And, I also researching FPGA Mining, recent days of synthesizer (eg. Xilinx or Altera) it has tremendous optimization options and great synthesis abilities, So, Above reasons, it may be regular small parts of algorithm changing is more good for resist centralized mining and prevent ASICs.

In case of ASIC, at least 6 months needs, redesign and consumer products delivery.

Another My opinion on Ethash , is remove 64 rounds of Mix to decrease to 32 rounds. decrease DAG Size or limit Max DAG Size, sustain current Memory accessing bw.

So, then cheaper or some years ago GPU also effective hash on PoW, and many miners can participates mining.

4) TEO Mainnet Pools and Explorer , Wallet and Own Developed Miner

Now, Above TethashV1 is appied on

also patched to new TEthashV1 algorithms for go-ethash wrapper , cpp ethash library.

And Explorer's are in

5) TEO Wallet for Mainnet , it is compatible with MyEtherWallet and Trezor Wallet.

This directory cotains TEO testnet materials archives.

6) TEO Blockchain Spec:

  1. NetworkID : 0x8288 (MainNet) , 0x8282 (TestNet)

  2. PoW Algorithm : TEtHashV1 - New ANTI-ETHASIC , More Strong ETHASH algorithm. It will modified in future , for more doing a GPU mining.

  3. Block Rewards : 5 TEO - same as original ethereum.

  4. SSZ Funds (쌈짓돈-Ssamzi-don(money)) : 0.5 TEO / Block [SSZ Funds for Community , Following will be changed for more familiar with Community Activation and Marketing]

  • it is for funds for developers and used for contents owner's rewards , like a Musicoin and Steemit.
    first 0.5M blocks , it will owned by Devs and Founders, over 0.5M blocks it will be move to contents owners and community funds, ratio of 10%.

    • eg
    • 0 ~ 0.5M block : 0.50 [Dev] : 0 [community]
    • 0.5M ~ 1M block : 0.45 [Dev] : 0.05 [community]
    • 1M ~ 1.5M block : 0.40 [Dev] : 0.10 [community]
    • 1.5M ~ 2M block : 0.35 [Dev] : 0.15 [community]
    • 2M ~ 2.5M block : 0.30 [Dev] : 0.20 [community]
    • 2.5M ~ 3M block : 0.25 [Dev] : 0.25 [community]
    • 3M ~ 3.5M block : 0.20 [Dev] : 0.30 [community]
    • 3.5M ~ 4M block : 0.15 [Dev] : 0.35 [community]
    • 4M ~ 4.5M block : 0.10 [Dev] : 0.40 [community]
    • 4.5M ~ 5M block : 0.05 [Dev] : 0.45 [community]
    • 5M ~ T.B.D

Community Funds will be used with reward for contents creator, contents reviewer, contents querators.
More detailed consensus will be updated, feedback from communities.

Current Concept of Contents Rewards is for
Creator Editor(Moderator) Querator(Promotor) Reader Reserved(T.B.D)
70% 10% 5% 1% 14%

Above table will be changed by community feedbacks and If contents rewards funds is shorten that what consuming, unit Contents Rewards will be shrink down to fit in Community Funds.

More on TAO Archicture

  • It is not control whole things in one blockchain.
    From beginning pow chain will be leading, next phase, POS and POA chain will join , for doing a they have more good functionality feilds with each independent chains.
    and some other chain will be fork from each chains and they finished their roll, sink to parents chain.

In TAO , solve the scalablity and storage and network traffic reduces by mainly concern of lifecycle and lifetime of blockchain.

Besides of PoW chain, in future, more lite chain will be implemented for very lite IoT devices.
Refer . 2016.10 Prevent EVM Gas DDOS Idea:

Because current EVM cannot fit on lite devices. I think more realistic approach is divide main chain and develop lite chain and lite application machine for lite IoT devices.

for do that, SmartContract VirtualMachine will be developed direction with tightend to fit and run on small micom cpus.

  • Base idea of acheive this, not using highly abstacted instruction set computer, but adapt real working cpu core instructions set machine.
    mainly considering instruction set is RISCV machine or OpenRISC instruction set machine is good candidates.
    There's no licenses and no IP risk instruction set machine will be adapted.

  • Second, in TAO adapt wide contents [blogging, music, UCC , forum, ...] archiving and rewarding platform.
    First Phase of Contents platform is begin with TEO (PoW) blockchain based system, Next Phase It will adapt backend blockchain with PoS or PoA based platform.
    it is more strong feature do a less blocktime, transaction speed increase, save energy saving and good at DAPP services.
    But, Still blockchain security concerns compare than PoW blockchain.
    Idea of solving security vulnarabilities and Richier more Richier , Poorer more Poorer problem on PoS Based system.

    • First approach is min-max stake balancing and more large counts of validator nodes,
    • and wide spread and distribution of validator nodes which geo-location of physical nodes.
  • Fund states transfer method: Recent blockchain tech has many useful way to exchange funds to another blockchains.

    • There's atomic swaps,
    • Smart contract based message driven methods,
    • 2-way of side chaining methods. mainly considering methods are smart contract based fund transfer methods.
      also, DEX (DeCentralized Exchange) is can do by 3rd party service providers.

OLD TESTNET Materials.

4) TEO TestNet Binary download link (current v0.2)

1) TEO Testnet Development/Community Bounty Program

You can refer documents directory , TEO Testnet Bounty Program - V0.3
and any recommendation on bounty program , you can use github issues

2) TEO Explorer for TestNet , and github issues

3) TEO Wallet for TestNet , and github issues

4) TEO TestNet Binary download link (current v0.2)

4. AirDrop Plan :

  • Testnet : snapshot on 5.867M blocknumber ETH chain, 6.08M blocknumber ETC chain , each accounts will be airdroped by ratio of

    • 1 ETH with 0.1 TEO , minimum funds 0.01 ETH
    • 1 ETC with 0.003 TEO , minimum funds 0.3 ETC

5. PoW algorithm change : Ethash will be modified for prevent Dominant ASIC mining.

Refer above EIP-969 , EIP-1057 case . If decentralized mining is guranteed , stay tuned to mining algorithms.
It means there are several ASIC miner providers in market, and crowd of miners have choose mining devices then it is distributed and stay tune PoW algorithms.

6. TestNet Binary and TEO Explorer for TestNet

7. Execution Client and Solo Mining

option 1 : you can start teotest chain with solo mining node with rpcport 8546

rteo --chain=teotest --author=YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --jsonrpc-port=8546 --ws-port=8547

option 2 : you can start teotest chain with simple client node , no solo mining , default rpcport is 8545

rteo --chain=teotest

Execute miner
ethminer -U -F --cuda-devices 1
EthDcrMiner64.exe -allcoins 1 -epool -etht 1000

8. Snapshot and balance converted information

  • ETH snapshot blockheight : 5867000 , with 0.01 ETH minimum balanced accounts.

    Total Accounts snapshoted : 5,271,357 accounts.
    You can check all snapshoted accounts information transparently with Text Editor after unzip
    ETHSnapshot .zip.001 ~ 009

  • ETC snapshot blockheight : 6080000 , with 0.3 ETC minimum balanced accounts.

    Total Accounts snapshoted : 251,563 accounts. It has burned DAO HackersAccounts You can check all snapshoted accounts information transparently with Text Editor after gunzip
    ETCSnapshot .gz

  • Output Examples

{ "state": {
"0x4fe9367ef5dad459ae9cc4265c69b1b10a4e1288": {"balance": "2069e3c5b1d6800", "nonce": "0"},
"0x22113ab64092eefa96b93a1576da0c5ae2031707": {"balance": "66ee5f22f0d800", "nonce": "0"},
"0xcd5341646efa30389d28dfe8fb477a5f6cbd3b8e": {"balance": "2a1029a0d71000", "nonce": "0"},

In case of ETH, that will be converted for more human readable formats.

  /* conversion ratio : x 0.1 */
  "4fe9367ef5dad459ae9cc4265c69b1b10a4e1288": { "balance" : "33dc9fa2b62400", "dec" : "0.014597802" , "orgdecbal": "0.14597802" },
  "22113ab64092eefa96b93a1576da0c5ae2031707": { "balance" : "a4b09837e7c00", "dec" : "0.002897254" , "orgdecbal": "0.02897254" },
  "cd5341646efa30389d28dfe8fb477a5f6cbd3b8e": { "balance" : "434d0f67be800", "dec" : "0.001183972" , "orgdecbal": "0.01183972" },

it is parsed and converted to followings::

  • "account" { address } : "balance" {hex converted balance} ,
  • "dec" : {decimal human readable balance} ,
  • "orgdecbal" : {human readable original balance}

Converted Accounts informations and location.

ETH balance multiplied with 0.1


ETC balance multiplied with 0.003

Conversion Scripts run with nodsjs

npm install
node teo-snapshot-parser.js ..\ETH-5867000-0_01wei.json 0 0.1 10000000 > ETH-5867000-converted.json

Converted Offline TX Airdrop Scripts run with nodsjs

ETH Airdrop Offline TX archive

ETC Airdrop Offline TX archive

# install and run
npm install
node teo-snapshot-offtxsend.js eth-5867000-offtx-list.json 0 1000000 log.offtxsend.txt

# node teo-snapshot-offtxsend.js [offtx-list json file]  [start tx nonce] [end tx nonce] [output log file]

-- if there's sending error, you can retry it from errored position , and divide it with several times.
-- it is recommend multiple sending by several node servers.

You can check your accounts, how many TEOt has airdroped, we prepared 2 kinds of explorers for cross-checking.
[] ,

Please check and Review our projects and join.

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