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What is backslide

CLI tool for making HTML presentations with Remark.js using Markdown. This project is "dockerized" backslide. Thanks @sinedied.


  • Template generator with Sass styling
  • Live preview server
  • Self-contained HTML export
  • Automated PDF conversion
  • Multiple presentations support

How to use this image

If we want to save files on our host, we can mount directory to /src by using -v to docker run.

Creating a new presentation

If you want to create a new presentation in the $HOME/backslide directory, you can run init by using the backslide Docker image directly:

sudo docker run --rm -v $HOME/backslide:/src taobeier/backslide init

This command will create a new presentation along with a template directory in the current directory. The template directory is needed for backslide to transform your Markdown files into HTML presentations.

Then edit the file to get started.

You can create as many markdown presentations as you want in the directory, they will all be based on the same template.

If you want to start a new presentation using your own custom template, you can use sudo docker run -v $HOME/backslide:/src -v <your_template_dir>:/template taobeier/backslide init --template /template. You can also set the environment variable BACKSLIDE_TEMPLATE_DIR to change the default template used by bs init, just pass -e BACKSLIDE_TEMPLATE_DIR to docker run.

Making your slides

If you want to making your slides, you can run serve by using the backslide Docker image directly:

sudo docker run --rm --init -p 4100:4100 -v $HOME/backslide:/src taobeier/backslide serve -s -p 4100

This command will start a development server with live reload. You can open in your web browser, all your presentations are showing.

Select one to see the preview, you can then edit your .md file and see the changes immediately as you save the file. Any style change will also be applied live.

Slides are written in Markdown, along with some useful Remark.js specific additions. See the Remark.js wiki for the specific syntax and helpers.

You can use Ctrl C or docker stop command to stop the live container.

Customize style

Just edit the template/style.scss file and make changes according to your needs. The base theme already provides some helpful additions.

The stylesheet is written in Sass, but you can use plain CSS instead if you feel like it, as long as you don't change the file extension.

Exporting your slides as self-contained HTML

If you want to export all your .md files as HTML presentations, you can run export by using the backslide Docker image directly:

sudo docker run --rm -v $HOME/backslide:/src taobeier/backslide export

It will make a directory named dist. Everything will be inlined in the HTML document (scripts, css, etc) so you don't need a network to show your presentation. If you have images, it's best to include them as data-uri in your markdown, but local images links are inlined too during export.

If you have set a title variable in your document (like this title: My Awesome Presentation), it will be used as the HTML document title, otherwise the file name will be used.

Note: you can strip presenter notes from the exported HTML using the --strip-notes option, and remove slide fragements with the --handouts option.

Known Issues

  • Can't export to PDF, because we don't install chromium. I will fix it soon.