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meanTorrent - MEAN.JS BitTorrent Private Tracker - Full-Stack JavaScript Using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js, A BitTorrent Private Tracker CMS with Multilingual, and IRC announce support, CloudFlare support. Demo at:



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meanTorrent - A Private BitTorrent Tracker CMS based on meanjs/mean, and here is the DEMO Site

meanTorrent is A Private BitTorrent Tracker CMS with Multilingual support and a full-stack JavaScript open-source solution, which provides a solid starting point for MongoDB, Node.js, Express, and AngularJS based applications.

Instance Site used meanTorrent

Feature, Function, Screenshots

  • Home home
  • Torrents list torrent-list
  • Torrent detail torrent

meanTorrent some feature:

  1. Tracker pass through cloudflare support.
  2. Multilingual support, now English & Chinese, please read the guide of how to add a complete translated language.
  3. When you want to upload a torrent, Only need to select a source torrent file, and input the movie ID origin TMDB, the movie detaill info will be autoload.
  4. One torrent can boundle many attrs tag, It's the keyword to search filtering.
  5. Torrent comment with full markdown style support.
  6. Oper/Admin can manager users(edit/delete etc), forbidden user(banned).
  7. OPer/Admin can manager torrents, can reviewed new torrents, set torrent sale type, set torrent recommend level, and delete torrent.
  8. Global sale set support, It provides convenience for site preferential sales setting.
  9. Client Black List support, user can not use the client list inside clientBlackList connect to the tracker server.
  10. When user to change profile picture, meanTorrent use ui-cropper to crop the image.
  11. The first sign up user auto be admin role.
  12. User signed ip / leeched ip all in db, admin can forbid user if user`s ip too many.
  13. Detailed user stats info, include account status, uploaded torrents list, seeding list, downloading list.
  14. Complete user score system, user can use score exchange an invitation to invite friend register join.
  15. Invitations manager, user can keep track of invited friends registration progress.
  16. Admin/Oper can manual management the user`s uploaded/downloaded/score data.
  17. Complete messageBox, include message list, read status, keys search, reply detail and markdown style support.
  18. Complete forum function, admin can configure each forum section and section moderators, the content support markdown style.
  19. Forum topics and replies can attach picture files and other type files, The picture file will be displayed automatically, Others file can only be downloaded.
  20. Forum replies support real edit, What you see is what you get (bootstrap-markdown), and drag & drop attach file upload.
  21. Complete thumbs-up system(thanks system), topic poster or torrent uploader will received score donate from clicker.
  22. IRC Announce support Node-irc, when user upload new torrent file, and oper/admin reviewed it, then announce the torrent info to IRC channel.
  23. Complete HnR(hit and run) system support.
  24. Oper/admin can send official invitation, but all the invitation has the expired time setting.
  25. Complete music torrents support, include CD and MTV sub type.
  26. Sports and variety type torrents support NOW!
  27. Software, game, picture, ebook type torrents support NOW!
  28. Admin can update or set users Vip attribute data manual in manage page.
  29. Admin or oper can set torrent 'VIP' attribute, all these torrents only VIP user can list and download.
  30. Complete torrents resources group support, Admin can create a group and set a founder, and the founder can add or remove member users.
  31. Complete movie collections support, Admin can create a collection and insert any movie into it, user can view collection and download all torrents of the collection.
  32. Sort on torrent Vote, seeders, leechers, finished data on torrent list table head clicked events.
  33. Simple vip donate payment function, support Paypal me, Alipay Qrcode and Weixin QRcode.
  34. meanTorrent can backup mongo database into to a .tar files automatic at midnight everyday, and Admin can manage or download these files.
  35. OrderBy torrent imdb vote or site vote in torrent list table header click.
  36. User downloading progress bar or seeding status bar (ngProgress) in torrent list and home page.
  37. User email verify and account active support, inactive account can not login and announce torrent data.
  38. User can set a signature info for forum.
  39. Auto get search movie/tvserial result from TMDB by keywords, user can select a result item to load resources info and upload.
  40. Admin can configure to hide all menu header and footer count info for guest users, usefully for private tracker mode.
  41. Complete emoji support in markdown content, The images for the emoji can be found in the emoji-cheat-sheet.
  42. Complete forum for vip and oper/admin users only, Special access forums not show to normal users.
  43. Add 'All Newest Torrents' in resources type list option of torrent manage admin page, admin can directly management all newest torrents of all category.
  44. New user status 'idle' for long time not login, idle user can not download and can not announce, user can active account with fixed score numbers.
  45. Support anonymous uploader.
  46. In forum, Admin/Moderators and topic owner can edit topic title through click on the title text.
  47. New feature for list all uploader(resources group and user), admin can set uploader access to pass review directly when upload a torrent file.
  48. Complete emoji support on chat room, message box.
  49. Complete server auto notice function to users.
  50. Complete RSS subscription support.
  51. Complete user follow system.
  52. Request system support. User can post a request to find any torrent and respond a request to upload torrent, rewards score support.
  53. Global sales setting support, admin can redefined the upload and download ratio in sales, the value is priority to the torrent sales settings. And show global sales notice message at home page.
  54. New feature for system control panel, only admin can edit markdown templates or system configure files online or execute some shell command online, but this is danger, if you do not understand it, don`t do it please.
  55. Feature for user score getting. upload/download the older torrent get the higher score, the few seeding people got the higher score.
  56. An examination tasks system to check user`s incremental uploaded, download and score value within a specified period of time, if the value failed to reach the standard, admin can banned them.
  57. Add email white list, user can not to receive invite mail and active mail if the email domain not in the list.
  58. Add angular-cache support, to cache all data from $resource GET method, and update these data when $resource POST|PUT|DELETE method.
  59. Daily check in function, continuous check-in to get more points.
  60. Complete resources albums support, oper & admin can create a album and add torrent into it and push it to home page.
  61. Detailed logs, include uploaded and downloaded announce logs, seeding time logs, score changed logs, score changed days log and months log.
  62. Admin can present official invitations to user.
  63. System message support property of 'must read', user must read it and mark it as already read, otherwise it will popup again to minute later.
  64. History of admin operate user account.
  65. New feature for torrent screenshots image upload and edit by uploader or admin or oper, the image link url address support also.
  66. Users score/uploaded/downloaded number changed line graph and detail history of last few days.
  67. Tracker PIV6 support, and show uses IP type(v4.v6) in users list of torrent detail page.
  68. Add a reason when administrator to banned a user.
  69. Add a configure item to setting whether ban the users inviter when the user was banned. and you can setting whether ban the inviter when the inviter is a vip user.
  70. Check the un-reviewed new torrents and opened tickets status and show in top menu item.
  71. New module of Medal Center, the medal is the identity of the users identity and contribution to the site.
  72. New module of Favorites, user can add any torrent into favorites and use the RSS url to download automatic.
  73. Check the reduplicate resource torrents when user upload a torrent and show the tooltip message to uploader.

Chat room feature:

  1. Users name list
  2. Oper/admin can kick(ban) user out of room
  3. Support chat message font style(Font color, Bold style, Italic style) setting online
  4. Banned user can not reconnect to chat server with an expires time(default one hour)
  5. User can not repetitive login from another location at one time
  6. Chat message bubble style
  7. Complete emoji support by enter colon.


  • Fetch service email box message into administrator group message box of site, oper and admin can select any item to handling.
  • Support service center client side logic and UI.
  • Site data line graph for admin
  • Poll type topics support in forum.
  • More score get methods.
  • IRC chat
  • Business cooperation support(like play box? NAS? etc.)
  • ......more

Online support

Before You Begin

Before you begin we recommend you read about the basic building blocks that assemble a meanTorrent application:


Make sure you have installed all of the following prerequisites on your development machine:

  • Git - Download & Install Git. OSX and Linux machines typically have this already installed.
  • Node.js - Download & Install Node.js and the npm package manager. If you encounter any problems, you can also use this GitHub Gist to install Node.js.
  • MongoDB - Download & Install MongoDB, at least version 3.4 is required, and make sure it's running on the default port (27017).
  • Bower - You're going to use the Bower Package Manager to manage your front-end packages. Make sure you've installed Node.js and npm first, then install bower globally using npm:
$ npm install -g bower

Downloading meanTorrent

There are several ways you can get the meanTorrent boilerplate:

Cloning The GitHub Repository

The recommended way to get meanTorrent is to use git to directly clone the meanTorrent repository:

$ git clone

This will clone the latest version of the meanTorrent repository to a meanTorrent folder.

Downloading The Repository Zip File

Another way to use the MEAN.JS boilerplate is to download a zip copy from the master branch on GitHub. You can also do this using the wget command:

$ wget -O; unzip; rm

Don't forget to rename meanTorrent-master after your project name.

Quick Install

Once you've downloaded the boilerplate and installed all the prerequisites, you're just a few steps away from starting to develop your meanTorrent application.

The boilerplate comes pre-bundled with a package.json and bower.json files that contain the list of modules you need to start your application.

To install the dependencies, run this in the application folder from the command-line:

$ npm install

This command does a few things:

  • First it will install the dependencies needed for the application to run.
  • If you're running in a development environment, it will then also install development dependencies needed for testing and running your application.
  • When the npm packages install process is over, npm will initiate a bower install command to install all the front-end modules needed for the application
  • To update these packages later on, just run npm update

If install process show error info below:

../node-icu-charset-detector.cpp:7:28: fatal error: unicode/ucsdet.h: No such file or directory

then run this command to install libicu manual

apt-get install libicu-dev OR yum install libicu-devel

Running Your Application

Run your application using npm:

$ npm start

Your application should run on port 3000 with the development environment configuration, so in your browser just go to http://localhost:3000

That's it! Your application should be running. To proceed with your development, check the other sections in this documentation. If you encounter any problems, try the Troubleshooting section.

Explore config/env/development.js for development environment configuration options.

Running in Production mode

To run your application with production environment configuration:

$ npm run start:prod

Explore config/env/production.js for production environment configuration options.

Running with TLS (SSL)

Application will start by default with secure configuration (SSL mode) turned on and listen on port 8443. To run your application in a secure manner you'll need to use OpenSSL and generate a set of self-signed certificates. Unix-based users can use the following command:

$ npm run generate-ssl-certs

Windows users can follow instructions found here. After you've generated the key and certificate, place them in the config/sslcerts folder.

Finally, execute prod task npm run start:prod

  • enable/disable SSL mode in production environment change the secure option in config/env/production.js

Getting Started With meanTorrent

Before you to start the meanTorrent application, Please explore config/env/torrent.js for many environment configuration options, you can change all configuration items of you Caring, such as:

    announce: {
      url: '',
      announcePrefix: '[].',
      admin: '',
      baseUrl: '',
      clientBlackListUrl: '/about/black'

meanTorrent tracker is private, please set the announce.url to your server url, then when user to upload torrent file, It will autocheck the torrent announce url whether matching as announce.url.

    tmdbConfig: {
      //please change it to your api key from
      key: 'key from',

Because meanTorrent autoload the movie info from TMDB, so please to register yourself key and replace it to tmdbConfig.key.

    language: [
      {name: 'en', index: 0, class: 'flag-icon-gb', title: 'English'},
      {name: 'zh', index: 1, class: 'flag-icon-cn', title: '中文'}

Multilingual support, if you add a new translate string file, please add configuration here. The name is value of ISO_639-1, The class is used origin flag-icon-css, you can find flag icon at /public/lib/flag-icon-css/flags/.

    clientBlackList: [
      {name: 'Transmission/2.93'},
      {name: 'Mozilla'},
      {name: 'AppleWebKit'},
      {name: 'Safari'},
      {name: 'Chrome'}

This is a client Black List, all the list client can not connect to the tracker server, you can add more if you unlike some client to connect. And you can make a list page to tell users witch clients are unpopular.

    sign: {
      openSignup: true,
      signUpActiveTokenExpires: 60 * 60 * 1000 * 24,
      allowSocialSignin: true,
      showMenuHeaderForGuest, true
    invite: {
      openInvite: true,
      scoreExchange: 10000,
      expires: 60 * 60 * 1000 * 24

If your site do not accept user free register, please set openSignup to false, then user only can register through friend invitation or system(admin/oper) invitation. if you set openInvite to true, the normal user can invite friends to join, if false only oper/admin can invite users.

All the sign up account need verify & active by mail, and must completed within the set time signUpActiveTokenExpires.

showMenuHeaderForGuest is setting whether show menu header for guest user, if you do not want the menu header showing for guest, please set to false.

    ircAnnounce: {
      enable: true,
      debug: false,
      server: '',
      port: 16667,
      nick: 'meanAnnouncer',
      userName: 'meanTorrent',
      realName: 'IRC announce client',
      channel: '#meanAnnounce',
      showErrors: true,
      autoRejoin: true,
      autoConnect: true,
      retryCount: 86400,
      retryDelay: 5000,
      encoding: 'UTF-8'

Now, IRC announce support Node-irc, this function can be used on rtorrent client, if match some words, the download client can add the torrent into download task list automatic.

    app: {
      showDemoWarningPopup: true
      showDebugLog: true
    sign: {
      showDemoSignMessage: true

If you started meanTorrent at production env, please set showDemoWarningPopup and showDemoSignMessage to false, this will not show demo message any where. and you can set showDebugLog to false, then the console.log info is not output.

    hitAndRun: {
      condition: {
        seedTime: 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000 * 7,
        ratio: 1.5
      forbiddenDownloadMinWarningNumber: 3,
      scoreToRemoveWarning: 10000

meanTorrent support complete HnR(hit and run) system, if user download a HnR torrent, then must seeding days of contition.seedTime or the upload ratio more than contition.ratio, otherwise, the user will get a HnR warning, if the warning numbers is more than forbiddenDownloadMinWarningNumber, then the user can not download any torrent. but can continue the warning torrent and seed it until the warning disappears, and the user can remove a warning by score number of scoreToRemoveWarning or donate a VIP qualifications.

    backup: {
      enable: true,
      dir: './modules/backup/client/backup/'


meanTorrent can backup mongo database into to a .tar files automatic at midnight everyday, and Admin/Oper can manage or download these files. if you want to disabled this feature, please set enable to false, dir is the saved path.

mail sender configure

meanTorrent need send mail to user when restore password, send invitations etc. before send these mail, you need change the mail options in file config/env/development.js and config/env/production.js, meanTorrent used module nodemailer, if you have any config question you can find at nodemailer.

  mailer: {
    from: process.env.MAILER_FROM || '',
    options: {
      service: process.env.MAILER_SERVICE_PROVIDER || 'Gmail',
      imap: process.env.MAILER_IMAP || '',
      auth: {
        user: process.env.MAILER_EMAIL_ID || '',
        pass: process.env.MAILER_PASSWORD || 'mailpassword'

How to add translated language

  1. Copy a translate string original file from modules/core/client/app/trans-string-en.js to your want named file, such as 'trans-string-fr.js', and then translate all the strings.
  2. Add new language configure item in config/env/torrent.js.
    language: [
      {name: 'en', index: 0, class: 'flag-icon-gb', title: 'English'},
      {name: 'zh', index: 1, class: 'flag-icon-cn', title: '中文'},
      {name: 'fr', index: 2, class: 'flag-icon-fr', title: 'Français'}      // this is added new language configure

Note: the name is value of ISO_639-1, The class is used origin flag-icon-css, you can find flag icon at /public/lib/flag-icon-css/flags/.

  1. Copy and translate all the .md files in modules/*/client/templates/*.md, notice the naming rules of files please, these files can edit online now.
  2. meanTorrent used richtext box of bootstrap-markdown, It has already translated some language, you can find them at /public/lib/bootstrap-markdown/locale/, then inset into config file /config/assets/default.js and /config/assets/production.js, such as:
        'public/lib/bootstrap-markdown/locale/',    // this is added new line

Note: If you can not find you wanted language file, you can copy and translate and config it.

  1. Restart meanTorrent.

Deploying to PAAS

Deploying meanTorrent To Heroku

By clicking the button below you can signup for Heroku and deploy a working copy of meanTorrent to the cloud without having to do the steps above.


Amazon S3 configuration

To save the profile images to S3, simply set those environment variables:

S3_BUCKET: the name of the bucket where the images will be saved
S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID: Your S3 access key
S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: Your S3 access key password


The MIT License


meanTorrent - MEAN.JS BitTorrent Private Tracker - Full-Stack JavaScript Using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js, A BitTorrent Private Tracker CMS with Multilingual, and IRC announce support, CloudFlare support. Demo at:








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