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Version ??
* all code uses new date-parse function (still compatible with older newlisps)
* updated broken links in user guide
* fixed bug in dragonfly_seo
Version 0.73
* fixed cookie parsing bug
Version 0.72
* fixed bug with url8-encode
Version 0.71
* fixed bug when QUERY_STRING was empty
* speed improvement for URLencoding
* dragonfly-db is now a submodule
Version 0.7
* all code uses new ++,--,extend,write,read functions (still compatible with older newlisps)
* added 'extract' and '<-' functions to core utils
* Route.Resource has been updated with a 'catch-all' function.
* added documentation for MAX_POST_LENGTH in request.lsp
* $BINARY can now handle large data (compensated for a newLISP bug in 'read-buffer').
* DF:activate-plugin can now be used to load all lisp files in a directory
* db/database_utils includes for-query-with-db, assoc-row-with-db, query-cell-with-db and others
* db/database_orm - DB.OBJ - a very simple ORM for DF.DB
* db/database_sqlite3 updated to version 1.2 (see its docs for what's new)
* fixed Jeff's JSON.lsp plugin (switched to " instead of ' for strings)
* fixed bug in definition of define-smacro
* Response:cookie now returns correct value (full cookie as list) when given only key
Version 0.6
* added DF.DB and ObjNL
* added Dragonfly's own improved SMTP module
* added new add-to-load-path and wrap-func functions to utils.lsp
* added CGI-like route to the inactive plugins: route_cgi.lsp
* added utf8-urlencode/decode functions to Request, they handle foreign characters perfectly.
* added 'SET_DF_SELF' function and the corresponding DF_SELF and DF_SELF_DIR global symbols.
* added 'DF_PAGE' to point to the currently loaded, host-unqualified web URL
* added global path functions to utils.lsp: file-ext del-ext basename dirname
* updated and rewrote parts of the user guide
* improved windows compatibility by creating /tmp if necessary
* improved the 'load-once' function (load replacement)
* bugfix in Response:cookie for deleting a cookie
* bugfix when directly accessing an .html file related to 'title' function
* removed path.lsp in plugins-inactive
* removed the 'into-ctx-assoc' function
* removed 'viewname' from STATIC_TRANSFORMATIONS. Replace with: DF_PAGE or (basename DF_PAGE)
* the winning transformation from STATIC_TRANSFORMATIONS is no longer evaluated twice
Version 0.51
* added redirection script when running the built-in newLISP server
* changed recommendations to run ./newlispServer
* added newlispServerWin.bat file provided by m35
* support for PHP-like multi-params by appending [] to the var name
* added documentation for $GET/$POST/$FILES and multiparams to guide
* updated the RSS feed on the example-site for 0.50
Version 0.50
* massive rewrite. too many changes to list, if you want to see them look through the mercurial change log:
or the updates list (similar to the other link, but with fewer details):
Version 0.20
* changed license from MIT to GNU (GPL v3)
* updated web.lsp to version 0.3.1 beta
* updated nldb.lsp (draft of 2009-09-11 20:42:48)
* added a directory "js"
* added the file "dragonfly.js" which includes some small javascripts which support the Dragonfly framework (AJAX, iPhone, Dragonfly Guide Menu)
* added the first AJAX function to Dragonfly: ajax-updater (check out the twitter demo)
* added a Dragonfly guide (it can be opened with /dragonfly_welcome/index)
* doing some tests with a new Listener (it's called listener2 in the dragonfly.lsp)
* trying to implement an image-helper for reading EXIF data from images
Version 0.19
* modified Dragonfly:view; now it displays an error view if a file is not found
* moved the constant "DEFAULT404" into dragonfly_config.lsp
* added the function autoload-css; this function checks automatically for an iPhone and loads a different stylesheet
Version 0.18
* added some functions to send HTTP headers - we don't use Web:send-headers anymore
* added HTTP Status Codes constants for Dragonfly:listener
* added a condition to Dragonfly:listener for sending correct XML-Headers
* added the action parameter to Dragonfly:link_to
Version 0.17
* changed path to newLISP (/usr/bin/env newlisp)
* added a config directory, so updating of Dragonfly would be easier now (we auto-load the config files ;)
Version 0.16
* improved the directory structure: added three folders (dragonfly-framework, modules-active, modules-inactive)
* added an "auto-loader for modules" to Dragonfly: to load a module just put it into "modules-active", to NOT load a module put it into "modules-inactive"
Version 0.15
* testing some ideas about custom routes
Version 0.14
* removed the directory "actions" (it's now obsolet)
* renamed the directory "templates" into "views"
* renamed the function "Dragonfly:template" into "Dragonfly:view"
* added the constants "DEFAULTVIEW" and "DEFAULTACTION"
* added the constants "VIEWS_PATH" and "PARTIALS_PATH"
* added an improved version of Dragonfly:listener contributed by cormullion
* modified the .htaccess (also contributed by cormullion)
* improved the link_to function - it automatically checks if it can use .htaccess or not; it also uses the DEFAULTACTION now
Version 0.13
* added a .htaccess to remove the question mark "?"
* bugfixing some paths after using mod_rewrite
* testing on
Version 0.12
* renamed directory - it's called Dragonfly now
* thinking about a directory structure to handle multiple apps with one installation of Dragonfly
* added a memory calculation to benchmark function
* added a listener function
* removed the "case" functions in index.cgi for calling template - this work is now done by the listener
* did some bugfixing on the SQLite functions
Version 0.11
* removed global flash notice
* removed start.bat and newlisp.exe
Version 0.10
* added some function for SEO (I needed that at my work)
* I split up the css - there will be a separate dragonfly.css for some nice layouts
* added a benchmark function
* added the MIT License
* added a start.bat for easy start on Windows
* testing an idea about a global flash notice (doesn't work yet)
Version 0.09
* some bugfixes
* added the function google-results-domain just for fun (the first time I use some regular expressions)
* added some features to the Dragonfly debug panel
* 29 downloads so far ... :-)
Version 0.08
* added a path to SQLite library for debian in module sqlite3.lsp ("/usr/lib/" ; Debian)
Version 0.07
* added a twitter search with some nice css for speech bubbles
* added a demo template for twitter
Version 0.06
* testing out the idea of partials in templates
* added a Dragonfly demo page
Version 0.05
* added a sliding panel for debugging information
* extended the debugging information
* added functions for generating <script> and <rss> tags
Version 0.04
* added a simple page-controller architecture in index.cgi
* generated a newLISP-Doc for Dragonfly.lsp in the module directory
Version 0.03
* finalized the table generator functions, especially (table_data)
Version 0.02
* added the functions (form_hidden),(form_textfield)
* playing around with nldb.lsp - but didn't really succeed
Version 0.01
* opened a first template called "main.tpl"
* added the first functions (css),(meta),(time-now),(form_open),(form_submit),(form_close)