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This file contains information on what to watch out for when upgrading
from one version of dragonfly to another.
From 0.2 or earlier to 0.5:
* Enforcing variable naming conventions:
1) Constants are CAPITALIZED and use the '_' to separate words
2) Variables are lowercase and use the '-' to separate words
find 'documentroot' replace with 'DOCUMENT_ROOT'
find 'dragonfly_version' replace with 'DRAGONFLY_VERSION'
This is done so that it's clear which parts of Dragonfly
are user-customizable and which are not, and to make naming
conflicts more difficult.
* Environment variables are now global constants and therefore
the ones formerly in Dragonfly context should be converted like this:
Dragonfly:host => HTTP_HOST
Dragonfly:useragent => HTTP_USER_AGENT
Dragonfly:server => SERVER_SOFTWARE
Dragonfly:programfiles => PROGRAMFILES
Dragonfly:proxy => HTTP_PROXY
Alternatively you can use 'env' or '$SERVER' to access them:
Example: ($SERVER "HTTP_HOST")