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Taoensso open source
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Simple performance monitoring for Clojure/Script applications

Tufte allows you to easily monitor the ongoing performance of your Clojure and ClojureScript applications in production and other environments.

It provides sensible application-level metrics, and gives them to you as Clojure data that can be easily analyzed programatically.

Carte Figurative

Carte Figurative, one of Edward Tufte's favourite data visualizations.

Latest release/s

Main tests Graal tests

See here for earlier releases.

Why Tufte?

  • Small, fast, cross-platform Clojure/Script codebase
  • Sensible application-level metrics without the obscure JVM-level noise
  • Metrics as Clojure maps: easily aggregate, analyse, log, serialize to db, etc.
  • Tiny, flexible API: p, profiled, profile
  • Great compile-time elision and runtime filtering support
  • Arbitrary Clojure/Script form-level profiling
  • Full support for thread-local and multi-threaded profiling

10-second example

(require '[taoensso.tufte :as tufte :refer [defnp p profiled profile]])

;; Request to send `profile` stats to `println`:
(tufte/add-basic-println-handler! {})

;;; Define a couple dummy fns to simulate doing some expensive work
(defn get-x [] (Thread/sleep 500)             "x val")
(defn get-y [] (Thread/sleep (rand-int 1000)) "y val")

;; Let's check how these fns perform:

(profile ; Profile any `p` forms called during body execution
  {} ; Profiling options; we'll use the defaults for now
  (dotimes [_ 5]
    (p :get-x (get-x))
    (p :get-y (get-y))))

;; The following will be printed to *out*:
;; pId      nCalls      Min    50% ≤    90% ≤    95% ≤    99% ≤      Max     Mean   MAD    Clock  Total
;; :get-x        5    501ms    503ms    505ms    505ms    505ms    505ms    503ms   ±0%    2.52s    53%
;; :get-y        5     78ms    396ms    815ms    815ms    815ms    815ms    452ms  ±48%    2.25s    47%
;; Accounted                                                                               4.78s   100%
;; Clock                                                                                   4.78s   100%



You can help support continued work on this project, thank you!! 🙏


Copyright © 2016-2023 Peter Taoussanis.
Licensed under EPL 1.0 (same as Clojure).