Submitting issues

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Please follow the following etiquette when requesting help from the War developers.

  • Questions should go to the mailing list.
  • Make sure you post information about the CraftBukkit and War versions you are running. If you are using a War preview build (as you should always do to make sure we haven't fixed your issue already), please post the CI build number
  • Make sure your issue is not being caused by another plugin. Try disabling all other plugins to see if an issue still occurs. If your issue is plugin incompatibility, please note that.
  • War does support some 3rd party servers such as Spigot and MCPC+, however please attempt to verify if your issue occurs on plain CraftBukkit.
  • Do not make multiple tickets for the same issue. Please search first and don't repost your own, we will get to them when we have time.
  • Titles should be a brief summary of the issue you are experiencing. Don't include tags such as 'feature' or 'bug'.
  • Do not use a pastebin. Data is often removed after set lengths of time, which is a problem when looking at dated problems. Instead, post your logs within code blocks if they are small and attach images.
  • Pay attention to your tickets. Often we will reply asking for more information - please make sure to keep track of the issue or watch the email inbox GitHub is set up to send notices.
  • Please use proper English grammar or we will not be able to understand you. We also accept French.
  • Be patient! We have lives too, you know. If you are a developer, it would flatter us if you could fix it in a pull request.

Follow these recommendations and we will make sure to look at your issue when we are available.

If you are ready, then you may post your issue.

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