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It is a Perl module that allows the editing of GSM TAP.3 files via Perl scripts

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Is a Perl module for decoding, modifing and encoding Roaming GSM TAP/RAP/NRTRDE files. This is the source code for prepairing the distribution. The module for installation can be found on

Please type perldoc TAP3::Tap3edit after installation to see the module usage information.


  • Automatically (Preferred method)

To install automatically (needs connection to the internet) use the command cpan. Once inside its command line type following instruction:

cpan[1]> install TAP3::Tap3edit

Note: This will install automatically all the dependencies too.

  • Manually

First the module has to be downloaded locally from To install manually run these commands, substituting x.xx with the version number that you have downloaded.

gunzip TAP3-Tap3edit-x.xx.tar.gz
tar xvf TAP3-Tap3edit-x.xx.tar
cd TAP3-Tap3edit-x.xx
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

Note: You will need to install all dependencies manually too.

Local Installation

If you don't have root permissions and you want to test it locally.

echo "PREFIX=$HOME/perllib \ "                              > $HOME/perl_local
echo "INSTALLPRIVLIB=$HOME/perllib/lib/perl5 \ "           >> $HOME/perl_local
echo "INSTALLSCRIPT=$HOME/perllib/bin \ "                  >> $HOME/perl_local
echo "INSTALLSITELIB=$HOME/perllib/lib/perl5/site_perl \ " >> $HOME/perl_local
echo "INSTALLBIN=$HOME/perllib/bin \ "                     >> $HOME/perl_local
echo "INSTALLMAN1DIR=$HOME/perllib/lib/perl5/man \ "       >> $HOME/perl_local
echo "INSTALLMAN3DIR=$HOME/perllib/lib/perl5/man/man3 "    >> $HOME/perl_local
gunzip TAP3-Tap3edit-x.xx.tar.gz
tar xvf TAP3-Tap3edit-x.xx.tar
cd TAP3-Tap3edit-x.xx
perl Makefile.PL `cat $HOME/perl_local`
make test
make install

In your .profile add following lines:

export PERL5LIB


This module requires these other modules and libraries:

  • Convert::ASN1
  • File::Spec
  • File::Basename
  • Carp


This program contains TAP, RAP and NRTRDE ASN.1 Specification. The ownership of the TAP/RAP ASN.1 Specifications belong to the GSM MoU Association ( and should be used under following conditions:

Copyright (c) 2000 GSM MoU Association. Restricted − Con­ fidential Information. Access to and distribution of this document is restricted to the persons listed under the heading Security Classification Category*. This document is confidential to the Association and is subject to copy­ right protection. This document is to be used only for the purposes for which it has been supplied and informa­ tion contained in it must not be disclosed or in any other way made available, in whole or in part, to persons other than those listed under Security Classification Category* without the prior written approval of the Association. The GSM MoU Association (âAssociationâ) makes no representa­ tion, warranty or undertaking (express or implied) with respect to and does not accept any responsibility for, and hereby disclaims liability for the accuracy or complete­ ness or timeliness of the information contained in this document. The information contained in this document may be subject to change without prior notice.