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Ruby wrapper around Highrise API.

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Same shortcut as for email addresses, but then for phone_numbers.
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What is it?

This gem provides a set of classes to access information on Highrise via the published API:

Account, Comment, Company, Deal, DealCategory, Email, Group, Case, Membership,
Note, Party, Person, Recording, Subject, Tag, Task, TaskCategory and User.

All these classes are inherited from ActiveResouce::Base. Refer to the ActiveResouce documentation for more information.


    gem install highrise

Dependencies (see highrise.gemspec or run bundle check)


I'm on (or am I?)


Configure your key

    require 'highrise' = ''
    Highrise::Base.user = 'api-auth-token'
    Highrise::Base.format = :xml

If you are using this in a Rails application, putting this code in a config/initializers/highrise.rb file is recommended. See config_initializers_highrise.rb in the examples/ directory.


    @tags = Highrise::Tag.find(:all)

    @people = Highrise::Person.find_all_across_pages(:params => {:tag_id => 12345})



This code is free to be used under the terms of the MIT license.

Bugs, Issues, Kudos and Catcalls

Comments are welcome. Send your feedback through the issue tracker on GitHub

If you have fixes: Submit via pull requests. Do not include version changes to the version file.




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