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Name Stipend
Season of KDE No
Mozilla Winter of Security No
Outreachy Yes
TOR Summer of Privacy Yes
SOCIS Yes (For students enrolled in ESA member states only)
OpenDaylight summer internship Programme Yes
The X.Org Endless Vacation of Code (EVoC) Yes
DataONE Summer Internship Programme Yes*
Free Software Foundation Internship No
Radare Summer of Code Yes
Summer of Haskell Yes
OPNFV- Linux Foundation Yes
Open Mainframe Project - Linux Foundation Yes
Processing Foundation Fellowship Yes
Segment Open Fellowship Yes
RARE Technologies Student Incubator Programme Yes
Open Summer of Code Yes**
FOSSASIA Internship Programme No
Hyperledger Internship Program Yes
Snowplow Yes
ERPNext Summer of Code Yes
Redox Summer Of Code Yes
John Hunter Matplotlib Summer Fellowship Yes
GNOME Internship Program Yes
Igalia Coding Experience Program Yes

*Interns must be currently enrolled or employed at a U.S. university or other research institution and must currently reside in, and be eligible to work in, the United States. ** OSoC is only open to Belgian students.

Open Source Competitions

Name Awards
GCI Prizes for winners
Bountiful Open Source Summer- BOSS Prizes for winners*
FOSSASIA Codeheat Prizes for winners
Data Driven Competitions Cash prizes for winners
Quantopian Open Cash prizes for winners
Hacktoberfest Swag rewards
Halite AI Bot Challenge Swag rewards for winners
OSS World Challenge Prizes for winners**
ACM MM Open Source Software Competition Prize for winners
Girlscript Summer of Code Prizes, swag rewards and internship opportunities for winners
*Indian Students Only
** OSS World Challenge has temporarily stopped accepting international applications.