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(Not yet functional). Offline iPhone client for SugarCRM.
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Welcome pancake-ios: Sugar on Pancake An IOS Client for SugarCRM.

You can download Sugar on Pancake from itunes

Please check-out the following video on youtube to see how it works: Coming Soon..

Supported features

  • Supports versions 6.x of Sugar CRM
  • Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Calls, Meetings Related Relationships for the modules
  • Ability to access, create, edit and delete a record in a module.
  • Links for Phone, website url, email address and billing address
  • Search feature within a module and across modules
  • Recent records to quickly navigate to the recently visited records of various modules.

Getting Started

We are currently in beta. Check the Wiki for more information


Please check the Contribution Guidelines

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