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Welcome to TPHCloudAnalytics

This is a lightweight project that will allow you to add analytics to your app, sending the data to your app's CloudKit public database.


I built this framework as a git submodule. Configure it like so:

  1. Add this repo as a submodule to your app's
  2. Add the TPHCloudAnalytics Xcode project as a sub-project
  3. Add the project as a target dependency to your app's in Build Settings
  4. Add the framework as an embedded binary to your main app's.


Your app must have the iCloud capability turned on, and the CloudKit entitlement setup.

The session is started by calling TPHCloudAnalyticsReporter.start(withContainerID:). Once this is done, you use the shared singleton to send custom events or screen views. You must pass in the iCloud container ID manaully to startup the reporter.