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Commits on Dec 16, 2011
  1. Add VimClojure plugin

    Eduardo Lopez authored
Commits on Nov 12, 2011
  1. Add vim-rvm plugin

    Eduardo Lopez authored
  2. Add vim-rails plugin

    Eduardo Lopez authored
Commits on Nov 9, 2011
Commits on Nov 8, 2011
  1. erlang_check.erl improvements (vimerl)

    Eduardo Lopez authored
  2. Disable javascript and xml validation (eclim)

    Eduardo Lopez authored
    At least for now...
  3. Let eclim change directories before make (ant, maven)

    Eduardo Lopez authored
Commits on Nov 7, 2011
  1. Fix some bindnig names

    Eduardo Lopez authored
  2. A couple more bindings for eclim (java, maven)

    Eduardo Lopez authored
  3. A couple of bindings for eclim

    Eduardo Lopez authored
Commits on Oct 16, 2011
  1. Update to vimerl 1.1.1

    Eduardo Lopez authored
Commits on Aug 29, 2011
  1. Added vim-scala

  2. Proper delete of vim-scala submodule

    Delete relevant lines from .gitmodules
    Delete relevant section from .git/config
    Run 'git rm --cached path_to_submodule'
Commits on Aug 28, 2011
  1. Added submodule vim-scala

    Eduardo Lopez authored
  2. Removed submodule vim-scala (repo no longer exists)

    Eduardo Lopez authored
  3. Updated vim-ruby-debugger

    Eduardo Lopez authored
  4. Updated command-t

    Eduardo Lopez authored
    Submodule bundle/command-t 56b0fd3..3c0dc0a:
      > Reverting lazy-initialization code, pending investigation
      > Correct Kien's name in docs and .mailmap file
      > Update docs with reference to Kien's patch
      > Fixes for lazy-initialization functionality
      > Move ruby startup code to script local function
      > Remove "install" Rake task as it is causing confusion
  5. Updated zenburn

    Eduardo Lopez authored
    Submodule bundle/zenburn d3fed47..33e67af:
      > Version 2.21@1: Vimball version of v2.21
      > Version 2.21: Folded, FoldColumn and TabLine color fixes by Pawel Piekarski.
      > Version 2.19@1: Vimball version
      > Version 2.19
  6. Updated vim-jquery

    Eduardo Lopez authored
    Submodule bundle/jquery 1af1eda..895d237:
      > Version 0.5.2: Fix an invalid regular expression
      > Version 0.5.1: Fix an error with contains (it's a reserved keyword for Vim).
      > Version 0.5: Upgrade to match jquery 1.6 keywords
  7. Updated vim-ruby

    Eduardo Lopez authored
    Submodule bundle/vim-ruby 699670a..a90ca0a:
      > Fix gf bug
      > Change ic and ac to iM and aM
      > Don't clobber user text objects
      > Use spaces for indentation of indent file
      > Perform stupid gf tricks on whole lines
      > Support gf on require_relative
      > Support require_relative in gf
      > Include autoload in 'include'
      > Include leading comments in text objects
      > Gems aren't Ruby files
      > Remove debugging statements
      > Fix path with RVM and zsh on OS X
      > Set 'tags' to mirror 'path'
      > Fix rdoc comment indent
      > Rubyists are myopic jackasses
      > Highlight to last of multiple heredocs
      > Rewrite installation instructions
      > Fix missing newline
      > Add `*.rabl` templates
      > Fix double typo
      > Text objects for methods and classes
      > Indicate obsolescence of ChangeLog
      > README clarification
      > Partial cleanup of README
      > Update contributors
      > Claim abandoned runtime files
      > Switch compiler to RSpec 2
      > Cheat gf on autoload
      > Map gf to prevent editing directories
      > New 'path' generation
      > Merge pull request #41 from AndrewRadev/nested-hash-fix
      > Fix {if: foo} highlighting
      > Update own email
      > Option to control hanging indent
      > Pass v:lnum as an argument to GetRubyIndent
      > Adds require_relative highlighting
      > Preliminarily drop gems from path
  8. Updated vim-markdown

    Eduardo Lopez authored
    Submodule bundle/vim-markdown 34e28b3..ae3a265:
      > Loosen GitHub code block pattern
      > Highlight word underscores as errors
      > Add highlighting for GitHub style code blocks
  9. Updated vim-endwise

    Eduardo Lopez authored
  10. Updated vim-abolish

    Eduardo Lopez authored
    Submodule bundle/vim-abolish 434a644..119b515:
      > Use standard clipboard settings in coerce
      > Use a 2 space indent
      > Simplify include guard
  11. Updated textile-vim

    Eduardo Lopez authored
  12. Updated gundo-vim to v2.2.2

    Submodule bundle/gundo-vim e7a1ecf..240efe7:
      > Remove unused file.
      > Add Python3 support
      > Add autoload/ to the packaging script.
      > Added tag v2.2.2 for changeset d6f98011d079
      > Increment version.
      > Formatting.
      > Move most of the script to autoload
      > Added tag v2.2.1 for changeset c1cda256969c
      > Increment version.
      > Move all python code to a separate file.
      > Merge.
      > Typo.
      > Added tag v2.2.0 for changeset d2406d0bce25
      > Increment version.
      > Merge pull request #12 from narfdotpl/cant-split-commits-into-separate-pull-requests-zomgwtfbbq
      > Merge pull request #10 from trcjr/develop
      > Fix the default value for close_on_revert.
      > Make the testing symlinks relative.
      > Document the new close_on_revert setting.
      > Merge pull request #9 from pkoch/master
  13. Updated nerdcommenter

    Submodule bundle/nerdcommenter c8d8318..b28e7be:
      > Merge pull request #39 from mattr-/patch-1
      > Merge pull request #30 from sgharms/master
      > Merge pull request #35 from NilsHaldenwang/master
      > Merge remote-tracking branch 'rshhh/master'
      > Merge pull request #34 from keitahaga/nimrod
      > Merge pull request #28 from keitahaga/fancy
      > Merge pull request #15 from jgoulah/master
      > Merge pull request #36 from ches/multipart-with-appended-fix
      > add support for coldfusion
  14. Updated gist-vim

    Submodule bundle/gist-vim bdbc777..37e98ed:
      > win64
      > Merge branch 'clean-up-exec' of into graywh
      > Merge branch 'nicer-error-messages' of into graywh
      > Merge branch 'help-tag-Gist' of into graywh
      > Use cmdline commands instead of normal.
      > Merge pull request #34 from brunoqc/master
      > version bump.
      > follow update of
      > blockquote
      > Oooops
      > dedup
      > change the gist buffer to local buffer when saving.
      > Additional code indentation within list items
      > Additional indentation in code within list items
      > Better formatting of usage section
      > Better formatting, typo fixes
      > Fixed tags
      > Created vim helpfile
      > Moved docs into directory
      > Merge branch 'feature/allow-default-private' of into AD7six-feature/allow-default-private
      > Merge branch 'feature/remove-obsolete-call' of into AD7six-feature/remove-obsolete-call
      > Merge branch 'feature/better-docs' of into AD7six-feature/better-docs
      > don't ignorecase.
      > allow the user to make a public gist, if defaulting to private
      > correct documentation
      > whoops - typo in option name
      > add the option to default to private gists
      > change doc.
      > if g:gist_put_url_to_clipboard_after_post = 2, add linefeed to copying URL.
      > don't add new line "Done: xxx".
      > show 'why failed'.
      > for :OpenBrowser.
  15. Updated pyflakes-vim

  16. Updated vim-javascript

  17. Pathogen 2.0

    Submodule pathogen 552e5f0..9631019:
      > Really fix pathogen#uniq() with empty strings
      > Account for empty item in pathogen#uniq()
      > Provide cross-platform way to load from submodule
      > Fix typo
      > Document lcd behavior of V commands
      > Automatic lcd on :Vsplit, etc.
      > Typo
      > Grammar fix
      > Fix hardcoded shellslashes for helptags()
      > Rename rtpfindfile to be consistent
      > pathogen.vim 2.0
      > Clean up opening comments
      > Grammar fix
      > Provide :Vopen
      > Provide V family of commands
      > Spelling fix
      > Accept a full path to pathogen#infect()
      > Tighten $VIMRUNTIME exclusion in :Helptags
      > Provide homepage, not email
      > Move disabling logic out of glob
      > Add a note about Vimballs. Closes #6
      > Add a note about wget
      > Add an example minimal vimrc
      > Use HTTPS for GitHub URLs in README
      > Tighten curl install URL
      > Add a FAQ
      > Make note of other comma-delimited path options
      > Fix typo
      > Add License
      > Typo
      > More explicit installation instructions
      > Add a README
      > Add option to call infect on non-standard paths
      > Extract pathogen#cycle_filetype()
      > Add pathogen#infect() as primary entry point for basic setup
      > Add :Helptags wrapper for pathogen#helptags()
      > More accurate writability check for helptags
  18. New version of vimerl

    Submodule bundle/vimerl 4f4e616..ed4c042:
      > Joins split line in syntax file
      > Add on_load directive and atom_to_binary/2 function.
      > Minor code refactor
      > Remove g:erlangCompleteFile option (for pathogen)
      > Fix s:erlangCheckFile option value
      > Update README
      > Remove g:erlangCheckFile option (for pathogen)
Commits on Jul 20, 2011
  1. Go back to molokai color scheme

    Eduardo Lopez authored
Commits on Jul 3, 2011
Commits on Jun 29, 2011
  1. Give solarized a try

Commits on Jun 24, 2011
  1. Add SQLUtilities to format SQL statements

    Eduardo Lopez authored
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