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Plasma Forks

This is a small 3d sci-fi first-person shooter for the web.
See more info at the homepage -

You will need poweful, dedicated GPU, blazingly fast CPU and Chrome to fully enjoy it.
Check out Known Issues and Performance Tips if you want to go against that.


This is based on several JS libraries/engines, most prominently:

With art assets, Blendswap ( and especially Open Game Art ( have been invaluable.


Unless otherwise stated, code in js/ and all .html files are mine and licensed under MIT (see LICENSE file).

Third-party code is in libs/ and belongs to their respective owners. Their licenses are mentioned in the files.

The licenses of models and textures in assets/ can be viewed from their respective readme.txt files. However, all of them are available under at least one the following licenses: CC0/PD, CC-BY-3.0, CC-BY-SA-3.0