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Performance Tips

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Plasma Forks is very demanding game and will laugh at your pesky laptop in an evil way. However, there are ways to make it playable on somewhat less powerful machines, but unfortunately with severe decrease of quality in both visuals and simulation.

In order to tweak the settings, you need to open the Options menu by clicking it on the upper right corner of the game screen.

Figuring out what's the bottleneck

  • Enable frames per second counters by checking the showStats option
    • The left one is graphics and the right one physics
  • If you resize your browser window to smaller and performance increases considerably, your GPU is overloaded
  • If graphics FPS is high, but the game is laggy, then JavaScript and CPU (most likely physics) are your problem

Graphics performance tips

  • Best way to decrease graphics load is to lower resolution, which renders less pixels and uses the browser's layout engine to scale the result to fill the screen.
  • Also try disabling shadows and postprocessing as well as reducing textureQuality (requires restart).
  • Other options are worth a try, but they probably have less effect.

Physics performance tips

  • Best way to decrease JavaScript / CPU load is to reduce the physicsFPS value. This will result in more coarse physics simulation though.

One tip to rule them all

  • Using Firefox? Switch to Chrome - it has much better performance (situation Chrome 23 vs. Firefox 17) and in some cases more features too.
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