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This showcase illustrates how to write ui regression tests with tapir.

The showcase is divided into two parts:


tapir needs at least a Java 8 JDK.

You can run the showcase from Eclipse or via Apache Maven.

We advice you to follow the installation instruction on the tapir website.

What is covered?

The showcase is not intended to cover all tapir features. It just illustrates how you can get started. Nevertheless there are some interesting aspects you might investigate further:

To get a more detailed explanation consult the README of the showcases: Google, Wikipedia.

How to run?

First of all you need to clone the repository (or download the zip file):

git clone

By default, both projects are configured to use Chrome as browser. You can switch this in the files located in src/test/resources. To use Chrome you have to install the browser and download the corresponding Chromedriver. You can specify the path of the Chromedriver via the property chrome.chromedriver.binary in the or you pass it as a system property.

The browser specific configuration parameters are documented here.

For running with Maven you just have to type:

mvn clean integration-test

In Eclipse you can perform a right click and choose Run As | JUnit Test.


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