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Token Exchange Server Sample

A server application that demonstrates Tapkey's Token Exchange grant type.


  • GET /public-key: Returns the public key of the key pair in use.
  • POST /user: Creates a new local use that can be used for HTTP Basic Authentication in the /user/tapkey-token operation.
  • GET /user/tapkey-token: Returns a JWT token that can be exchanged for a Tapkey access token. Requires Basic Authentication.
  • GET /user/grants?grantIds=1,2,3,4: Returns application-specific grant information for the specified grant IDs.


  • Clone this repository
  • Change into /token-exchange-server-sample/
  • Copy /src/main/resources/ to /src/main/resources/ and fill in all missing configuration values.
  • Run mvn clean install
  • Run mvn spring-boot:run
  • The application is now served from http://localhost:8080
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