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Not working on IE8 due to .complete when invoked from onloaded #112

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I have IE10 and when testing the site in IE8 mode there is an issue with jCrop due to usage of not very well handled complete property. I'm calling jCrop from onload method of image and jCrop sees complete property set to false. This is a common problem if you google it.

Solution would be not to use this property or do some workaround for IE.

Yeah, we all love IE...


The workaround for this issue (using jQuery syntax):

var someImage = $('#some-image');
someImage.on('load', function() {
  //here someImage.complete is false for IE8, jCrop loader will fail
  setTimeout(function() {
    //here someImage.complete is true for IE8, jCrop loader will succeed
    someImage.jCrop({...}, function() {...});
  }, 0);

You are my Hero! It's a pity this repo is not well maintained...


Good to hear it's helpful :)

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