[enhancement] Add missing bower.json. #132

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timgluz commented Jan 7, 2014

Hey, maintainer(s) of tapmodo/Jcrop!

We at VersionEye are working hard to keep up the quality of the bower's registry.

We just finished our initial analysis of the quality of the Bower.io registry:

7530 - registered packages, 224 of them doesnt exists anymore;

We analysed 7306 existing packages and 1070 of them don't have bower.json on the master branch ( that's where a Bower client pulls a data ).

Sadly, your library tapmodo/Jcrop is one of them.

Can you spare 15 minutes to help us to make Bower better?

Just add a new file bower.json and change attributes.

  "name": "tapmodo/Jcrop",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "main": "path/to/main.css",
  "description": "please add it",
  "license": "Eclipse",
  "ignore": [
  "dependencies": {
    "<dependency_name>": "<semantic_version>",
    "<dependency_name>": "<Local_folder>",
    "<dependency_name>": "<package>"
  "devDependencies": {
    "<test-framework-name>": "<version>"

Read more about bower.json on the official spefication and nodejs semver library has great examples of proper versioning.

NB! Please validate your bower.json with jsonlint before commiting your updates.

Thank you!

twitter: @versioneye
email: timo@versioneye.com
VersionEye - no more legacy software!

Any chance Jcrop will get Bower support?

drakmail commented May 6, 2014

👍 waiting for this!



azr commented May 25, 2014





cokron commented Jun 30, 2014



tapmodo commented Jul 6, 2014

I haven't done this because I don't know how bower works. I promise within the next few days I'll figure it out, and post an update with a bower.json file... thanks for letting me know you guys want this.


tapmodo commented Jul 16, 2014

I added what I hope is an appropriate bower.json file in commit f68e8f7
I'm not too familiar with bower, so please let me know if this file can be improved.
Registered as "Jcrop" package in bower registry.

tapmodo closed this Jul 16, 2014

Works great, @tapmodo! Thank you so much!

Why i'm still getting error

Post-install message from rails-assets-jcrop:
This component doesn't define main assets in bower.json.
Please open new pull request in component's repository:

I'm using rails and rails-assets, and rails-assets use somehow bower and convert everything as gem for rails, so i'm getting this error during 'bundle install' and rails-assets can "see" only version 0.9.12, can you get some advice how to install newer version or at least 0.9.12

KATT commented Oct 13, 2014

@AntonPyrkh it's because Bower is pointing to the latest release (1.9.2) which is https://github.com/tapmodo/Jcrop/releases/tag/v0.9.12, so the bower.json will actually not be existing in when cloned -- so main will not be read.

@tapmodo simply needs to make a 0.9.13 and publish it to bower.

Temp workaround

Change your bower.json dependency to "jcrop": "tapmodo/Jcrop#f68e8f79ab53f871796b7a4b555a6b5517b6b8cd".

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