Is there any way to optimise for mobile? #35

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Is there any way to optimise for mobile? It works .. bad. I mean "slow" and "stucks touches all over the page".
Well, the "stucks touches all over the page" i'll try to fix (not sure, but may be bootstrap bug), but "slow" is native.

tapmodo commented Apr 28, 2012

I have a Samsung Galaxy S 4G and the Jcrop example pages work fairly acceptably to me. The iPad experience has gone down hill though. I'm confident that my "touch" code could use some improvement in regards to that. However, performance-wise, the only thing I could suggest is to try the option shade: true - not sure if that will help.

sadfuzzy commented Sep 3, 2012

Thanks anyway!

Gladhon commented Dec 24, 2012

On iOS devices, i have allways jumping around of the box if I try to move it...

Drag n Drop works fine if I'm using jquery.ui draggable with the jquery.ui.touch-punch.

Any suggestions what I can do?

@Gladhon Gladhon added a commit to Gladhon/Jcrop that referenced this issue Dec 27, 2012
@Gladhon Gladhon Update js/jquery.Jcrop.js
fix iOS problem... #35
@Gladhon Gladhon referenced this issue Dec 27, 2012

fix iOS problem #66

tapmodo commented Dec 28, 2012

The jumping has been fixed thanks to @Gladhon and the bug fix he submitted. The speed and performance issues on mobile devices are not specifically "issues" that I consider to be related to Jcrop. I'm going to close this issue since the jumping problem appears to be fixed.

@tapmodo tapmodo closed this Dec 28, 2012
tapmodo commented Jan 7, 2013

Current master branch contains a definitive fix for iOS jumping behavior and seems to improve performance. Please test!


Don't call function of "onChange : updatePreview" ---- This is what selection area making slow.

jQuery(function($) {
var cropContainer = $('#canvas');
// onChange : updatePreview,
onSelect : updatePreview,
aspectRatio : 1

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