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Revision history for {{$dist->name}}
4.1.3 2012-11-26
- fix tests for changed testplan subcommand
4.1.2 2012-11-22
- [RFK] 'tapper-testrun newtestplan' is now 'tapper testplan-new'
- dzil pluginbundle TAPPER
4.1.1 2012-11-19
- new command: 'tapper init' to initialize a $HOME/.tapper
4.1.0 2012-10-19
* PostgreSQL support
- [FIX] slow first() usage
- rename USER into OWNER
* Cobbler
- [FEAT] $cmd-new alias for $cmd-add
- [FEAT] cobbler CLI commands
* Towards a single frontend:
- [FEAT] more subcommands migrated from the soon-to-be-deprecated
"tapper-testrun" to the new central frontend "testrun" tool
* Features and Misc
- [FEAT] queues and host_id for host-list --yaml
- [FEAT] testplan handling for TaskJuggler
- [FEAT] renamequeue command
- [FEAT] testplan-send: allow --file with list of tasknames
- [FEAT] sanity check for host bind and deny
- [FEAT] host blacklisting per queue ("denied hosts")
- [FEAT] show comments only at high verbosity level
- [FIX] reworked all commands for overall consistency
- [FIX] Queue command went to Host, deleted Queue module
- [FIX] notification tests
4.0.1 2012-05-16
- introduce new App::Rad based primary frontend tool "tapper"
- [FEAT] Render testplans using Tapper::Reports::DPath::TT
- [FEAT] new CLI commands for notification commands
- [FEAT] new CLI commands for handling users
- [FEAT] new CLI commands for zipfiles
- [FEAT] new CLI commands for testplans
- [FEAT] newtestplan: new option --guide/-g for self-doc
- [FEAT] newtestplan: new option --dryrun/-n for just output
- [FEAT] change grub entry of deleted hosts to a passive/useful entry
- [FEAT] update grub using action daemon
- [FEAT] delete host by setting deleted flag
- big Dist::Zilla roundhouse kick
2011-03-30 Steffen Schwigon <>
* v3.0.10
* rewritable shebang line
* [FIX] freehost adapted to MCP message receiver
* release version++ roundhouse kick
2011-03-10 Steffen Schwigon <>
* v3.0.4
* repository and bugtracker urls
* more overviewish README
* [FIX] more substitute /usr/bin/env perl
* handling of nonexisting requested hosts
2011-03-08 Steffen Schwigon <>
* v3.0.2
* try to force YAML versions
* accept testplan instance name in CLI now
2011-03-02 Steffen Schwigon <>
* v3.0
* first public CPAN release